The Difference between Bid’ah and Sin


The Difference between Bid’ah and Sin

By Shaykh Muhammad Rslan (may Allah preserve him)

The difference between Bid’ah and Sin are as follow:

  • Bid’ah is misguidance. The innovator is astray and leads others astray unlike the sinner. In most cases sins aren’t described as misguidance, except if they are an innovation or resemble innovation.

  • Bid’ah resembles the path of Islam, unlike sin. Sins don’t resemble the path of Islam in any form or fashion.

  • Bid’ah is more evil than sin. Sufyan At-Thawri said: Bid’ah is more beloved to Iblees than sin. Sins are repented from and Bid’ah isn’t.”

  • The innovator lies and waits on Allah’s straight path to turn people away. The Sinner doesn’t do this. The trial of the innovator lies in the foundation of the religion and the sinner’s trial lies in his desires.

  • The innovator separates people from the path to the hereafter. The Sinner slows a person down with the heavy load of his sins.

  • Since an innovator’s trial is in the foundation of the religion, his harm spreads in various ways towards others. And since the Sinner’s trial lies in his desire, he only affects himself.

  • Bid’ah is more specific than sin. Bid’ah is  a sin by innovating an act to draw closer to Allah. Sin when committed isn’t connected to innovating in the origin of Islam to draw closer to Allah.

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Taken from Dirasaat fil Bid’ah wa Mubteddy’een 92-95

Translated by Abu Aaliyah Abdullah Dwight Lamont Battle –Adam

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