Polygyny     19 Points for Dividing Equally and Just


Between Wives


  • It’s permissible to visit any one of your wives, whether day or night regardless if it’s not her time ; out of necessity.
  • It’s recommended to give women their own home, and it’s permissible to place them in the same house. However, each woman must have her own apartment inside, including own kitchen and bathroom.
  • The husband has the right to have his own home and have his wives visit him on their time. On the other hand, he mustn’t stay with only one wife and have his other wives visit him at her home.
  • If a man travels with one wife after having drawn lots then he doesn’t have to make  up the time for the other wives. Now if he didn’t draw lots between his wives, he must make up the time.
  • It’s not permissible to divorce one of your wives during her time you owe her.
  • If a man leaves his wife during her time for something normal (in his affairs) he doesn’t have to make this time up.
  • If a man leaves his wife during her time for something normal during the day or with a valid excuse, he doesn’t have to make up the time. Although if he does it during the night without an excuse to leave or reason, he must make up the time. Nonetheless, it’s possible as well, that he won’t have to make it up based on the reason for leaving.
  • If a man is always on the road he must draw lots between the wives, who didn’t travel the first trip.
  • The division of time is at night for the person who works during the day and during the day for the person who works nights.
  •   The person incarcerated doesn’t have to divide his time between wives.
  •   If a man visits one of his wives and it isn’t her day, he doesn’t have to spend that same period of time with the other wife. Then again, he should compensate his other wife/wives by doing the same thing. i.e visit them when it’s not their day
  •  If a man visits his wife and it isn’t her time, he can enjoy her, without sex. And if he  has relations with her, he must do the   same thing with his other wife, while it isn’t her time.
  •   It is Haraam to have relations with one wife in the presence of the other.
  •  The man must place his stuff, odds and ends, clothing, etc between houses equally with his wives.
  •   If the wife travels with or without her husband’s permission, this time doesn’t have to be made up.
  •   The sick man must still divide his time justly. If it is difficult for him he must ask permission from the other sisters to remain at the one of their homes. If they refuse, he must draw lots and consequently remain with the woman who drew the lot.
  •     It is an obligation in Islam to divide time and be fair between the wives. This includes maintenance and gifts, but not in relations.
  •      The woman has the right to forfeit her division of time.

19.    If a man travels at the beginning of a woman’s time, when he returns he lets that woman have the full share of her time.

Taken from “The Verdicts of Division between Wives” By The Department of Scientific Research in Umul Qura University in Makkah 2009

Translated by Abu Aaliyah Abdullah ibn Dwight Battle

Doha, Qatar 1431 ©

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