Using the word Luck or Lucky


Using the word Luck or Lucky

Shaykh Ahmed An-Najmi (may Allah rest him in Jannnah)


Question: Are the  words, “I don’t have any luck” minor shirk? Also, is it permissible in Islam to say, “Oh, what bad luck!“?

luck or lucky

Answer: It’s not suitable for a person to say, “I don’t have any luck”. This means that he has no good fortune. The person should be optimistic about good things (happening) and grateful to Allah for anything that has taken place. If something good happened to him then it’s for him, from Allah’s bounty. Additionally, if something occurred and he believes its bad luck, then it could be that, through, this occurrence Allah is removing some of his bad deeds, sins or so forth. Hence it is incorrect for a person to say, “I don’t have any luck or Oh, what bad luck!”

Translated by : Abu Aaliyah Abdullah ibn Dwight Battle

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