Do the Angels Make Babies Laugh?


Do the Angels Make Babies Laugh?

Shaykh Uthman As-Salimee (may Allah preserve him)


Question: It’s said that when a child breastfeeding laughs, without any one making him laugh the angels are responsible. Is this correct?

Answer: Verily, I don’t know any proof for this claim.  Glory to Allah-This issue is widespread over numerous countries. What causes the baby to laugh, I don’t know. It could be possible that when this happens the child is thinking about something or imaging something. May Allah bless you, I don’t know what causes the child to laugh,  and we don’t have any evidence that he sees the Angels when he laughs.

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Translated by Abu Aaliyah Abdullah ibn Dwight Battle Sr.

Doha, Qatar 

The Abu Aaliyah Gazette


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