Ibn Mas’ud’s Advise about the Change of Time


change Ibn Mas’ud’s Advise about the Change of Time

قال عبد الله : كيف أنتم إذا لبستكم فتنة يهرم فيها الكبير ويربو فيها الصغير ويتخذها الناس سنة فإذا غيرت قالوا غيرت السنة قالوا ومتى ذلك يا أبا عبد الرحمن قال إذا كثرت قراؤكم وقلت فقهاؤكم وكثرت أمراؤكم وقلت أمناؤكم والتمست الدنيا بعمل الآخرة

Abdullah ibn Mas’ood (Radi Allahu anhu) narrated: ” How will it be when the trials overcome you, in which the young grow old and senile. The people take the Bid’ah as Sunnah, and when it changes they say: The Sunnah has changed.”

 They said: When will this be O Abu Abdur-Rahman?”

He replied: ” When your speakers are many and your scholars are few, and the wealthy ones are plenty and the trustworthy ones are few, and the Dunya is pursued with the actions of the Hereafter.”

Collected by Ad-Darami in Sunnan (196) Al-Albani graded this hadith as being Hasan Sahih.

A lasting reminder to this Athar:

  • Ad-Darami placed this hadith under the title: ” The change of time and what will occur during its change.”  This title actually represents the change of people and not time, as time never changes. The day goes into the night and vice versa. Imam Al-Bukhari placed a similar chapter in his collection of authentic Hadeeth.


  • Al-Baghawi titled a chapter in Sharhus Sunnah, ” People change and the Righteous perish.” The only thing that changes people is when they contradict those who preceded them , and they deviate from their salaf’s methodology, and follow their whims and desires. This is similar to Allahs’ words: Then, there has succeeded them a posterity who have given up As-Salat (the prayers) [i.e. made their Salat (prayers) to be lost, either by not offering them or by not offering them perfectly or by not offering them in their proper fixed times, etc.] and have followed lusts. So they will be thrown in Hell. ( Maryam :59)


  • Ad-Darami mentioned numerous narrations in this chapter from the companions of the Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wa salam) and the Tabi’een (those who met the companions, believed in Muhammad and died as Muslims). Those narrations include warnings from analyzing the Sunnah with opinions and desires, prohibitions against Qiyas, and orders to abandon innovations that people create after the Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wa salam).


  • ”  When the trials overcome you…” This refers to when the sunnah is mixed with bid’ah. Allah says. ” And mix not truth with falsehood…”(Al-Baqarah :42).


  • ”  The people take the Bid’ah as Sunnah,…”  These words were explained in another narration from Ibn Mas’ood : Whenever people abandon anything from the Sunnah, Its said: The Sunnah is abandoned.


  • ” When your speakers are many and your scholars are few…”  In another narration from Alqama its mentioned: When the scholars die off and the ignorant teachers among you increase. Amr ibn Maymoun added this is when those who give the sermons are many.


Taken from Fathul Munan Sharh kitabu Ad-Darami Abi Muhammad ibn Abdillah ibn Abdur Rahman ,the book is known as Al-Musnad Al-Jami’ by Abu Assim Nabeel Al-Ghamree (Vol 2page 208-210)


Translators note: The book Fathul Munan is  an excellent reference for a student of hadith. The shaykh is his verifying, editing and checking of hadith followed a terrific style in bringing the meanings for the hadith and Athar compiled in Sunnan Ad-Darami’s book. He collected other chains of transmission (Mutab’i) or texts with similar meanings (Shawahid) to explain the hadith. Shaykh Muhammad Bazmoul mentioned this style of hadith explanation is among the most difficult to follow. Ibn Rajab followed it in his explanation of Sahih Al-Bukhari –titled Fathul Bari, At-Tabari in Tahtheeb al-Athar, Ibn Jawzi in Naskh wa Mansuk and other scholars.

I recommend students of knowledge to buy this book, and translators to take sections from it. Furthermore, it would be nice if someone would translate the introduction of Sunnan Ad-Darami as its very similar to ibn Majah’s and it covers various aspects of Aqeedah and Minhaj. Moreover, no student will deny that Ad-Darami’s book has a great importance in Islam and it outweighs ibn Majah’s Sunan in some areas:

  1. The hadith in which Ad-Darami mentioned alone are more authentic than the hadith Ibn Majah mentioned  alone among the other books of Sunan.

  2. The Thulathiyat of Ad-Darami are more in number than those of Ibn Majah.

  3. Some people consider Ad-Darami’s book has more right to be the 6th book instead of Ibn Majah.

Allah knows best.

Translated  and Compiled :by Abu Aaliyah Abdullah ibn Dwight Battle

Doha, Qatar 1435©




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