salafy narrations refuting the hadadee sect


Author: Abdullah ibn Muhammad Al-Ahmaree

This is an excellent book that refutes the Hadadee sect’s deception and poison. The author crushes 13 points and arguments the Hadadee sect use. He refutes their points with narrations from the Salaf.

Some benefits from the book:

1.The shaykh for the Hadadee sect is Mahmoud Al-Hadad.

2. Shaykh Ahmed An-Najmee wrote : ” This book is wonderful. The author refutes these 13 points with narrations from the Salaf. It’s very beneficial.

3.Ash-Shayk Hafith Thanaullah’ said, ” The author compiled from various sources which prove he’s thoroughly versed in this issue.”

4. Mahmoud Al-Hadad isn’t known to have sat and learned from anybody. This is a common  practice from most of the people who put themselves forward to teach and give Dawah.

5.The Hadadee sect are fanatical towards personalities. This is a common trait among the people of Hizbeeyah. Ibn Taymeeyah dealt with this in many areas of the Majmou’

6.Hadadee Sect believe that an innovator invalidates all his deeds, due to his bid’ah. This is the minhaj of the Khawarij and Mu’tazela. Al-Hadad said, ” Al-Khawarij and other groups of innovation don’t benefit from their Jihad and others acts of worship until they repent and return to the Sunnah.”   Al-Ahmaree said, ” The only way a person invalidates his deeds is through disbelief.”


7.The stance of Ahlus Sunnah is that we ask Allah to have mercy  and forgiveness for the People of Bid’ah as long as their innovation isn’t one of disbelief.

8.The Hadadee sect lie on the scholars. They say things that the ulema didn’t say. Al-Hadad said,”  Bin Baz called Ibn Hajr an innovator.” This statement is a lie.

9. Ali ibn Harb Al-Mousulee said, ” Every innovator lies without thought.”

10. The Hadadee sect don’t believe that  sunnah and innovation can be joined in a person at the same time. Al-Hadad said, ‘ If a person has some irja he’s no longer a Sunni.”  Al-Ahmaree said, ” This the Minhaj of the Khawarij and Mutazelah. They hold that a person can’t have good and bad, hypocrisy and iman, Sunnah and Bid’ah. Allah says, ” And most of them  don’t believe in Allah except that they attribute partners to Him [ Yusuf 106]

11. The Hadadee sect view all bid’ah as being the same. There is no  major bid’ah according to them. Therefore any act of Bid’ah, they will declare a person a deviant.

12.Ibn Taymeeyah said, ” The Bid’ah of the Rafeedah is worse than the Bid’ah of the Khawarij.” [ Minhaj As-Sunnah 5/ 154]

13. The Hadadee sect don’t pray behind the people of any Bid’ah. The Hadadee sect won’t pray behind the people of bid’ah or at their funerals. It makes no difference whether this person was extreme in his bid’ah, a caller to it, or so forth. It’s all the same with the Hadadee sect, if the person’s innovation takes him out of Islam or not.

14. Ibn Taymeeyah said, ” Every Muslim who dies from this religion is prayed over and forgiveness is asked for him. [ Al-Majmou 1/128]

15. Ibn Taymeeyah said, ” The Salaf used to refrain from praying over the people of innovation as a sign of reprimand. This way the people wouldn’t commit the same innovation.” [ Majmou’ 24/ 286]

16. Shaykh Uthaymeen said, ” Everyone from the deen has the right to a funeral prayer, unless he’s from the Qadareeyah, Murjee’ah, Al-Rafeedah, and Jahmeeyah.”

17. The Hadadee sect makes no distinction between those who call to Bid’ah and those who don’t in their boycotts. In fact they have boycotted scholars like Bin Baz, Al-Albani, Al-Fawzan, An-Najmee and others simply because they don’t consider Ibn Hajr a deviant.

18. The Hadadee sect take the general ruling and apply it to a specific person or situation. This is a grave error of Bani Israel.

19. The Khawarij Sect is part of this ummah. Al-Maazaree said, ” There are various narrations which have a different preposition. Some narrations say, in this ummah and other narrations say from this Ummah. That’s why the people differ.

20. The Hadadee sect hasten to deem a person an innovator.They don’t establish the facts and have no mercy  for  Allah’s slaves. They hold this view saying the message has reached them and it isn’t a condition for the people to understand the message.

21. The person most hated to the Hadadee sect is Ibn Hajr.

22.The Hadadee sect don’t think the actions of the Salaf are a must for us to adhere to.
This book was printed by Maktabah Al-Asalatu Turath in 2008.
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Brother Abu Aaliyah Abdullah ibn Dwight

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