Shaykh Abdur Rahman As-Sa’dee’s collection


This is an awesome work ! The Religious authorites of Qatar have printed it and released it. This set is free of charge for all students of knowledge. It’s collected in 27 volumes.

This collection has over 70 books, which were authored by the Shaykh. What’s more and special about this compilation is, there are 17 books that being published for the first time ever.

1. Explanation of Bulgh Al-Maram
2. The Virtue of Jihad
3. The Correct Minhaj
4. Usul Ad-Deen
5. Various Khutbahs
6. Q/A with Ahmed Ali Al-Muqbil
7. A treatise for Dawah
8. Explanation for Usul Al-Iman by Shaykh Muhammad Abdul Wahhab
9. Hadeeth about Hajj
10. Selected Hadeeth for Usul, Manners, and verdicts
11. Articles about the miricles of the Quran
12. Short comments for Tafseer
13. Benefits from the books of Ibn Taymeeyah and Ibn Al-Qayyim
14.explanation of a matn of Hanabali fiqh.
15. The Principles of Islam
16. Footnotes for the condensed version of “Tahrir” Usul Fiqh.
17. Explanation for a verse in the Quran” We will show them Our signs”

Contact in Saudi for this book is
in Riyad 4627336 .

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