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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

The books of Masa’il from a student to his teacher continually remain a means of conveying knowledge in Islam. Early examples of this can be found between Musa and Khidr,and , Jibril to Muhammad (sallAllahu alayhi wa salam). Now and then scholars, theirs students, and even family members have compiled these questions; as a result giving them an important place in Islam. These kinds of books have numerous benefits for students of knowledge and researchers in Islam;

1: The books of Masa’il  have an Isnad. This Isnad is the questioner narrates to us what his shaykh said when he asked him.  From this experience points 2,3,and 4 below can be determined.

2: The student’s credibility and integrity can be verified.

3: The questioner is known.

4: The questioner establishes himself as being a student of the Shaykh he is questioning.

5: Most books of Masa’il are in the area of Fiqh, but the majority of Imam Ahmed’s cover Aqeedah

6:  The books of Masa’il are excellent reference points. A student can find a verdict on Hadith, a narrator, and commentary for a Hadith. Included in some books of Masa’il are Tafsir for verses as well.

7:  Some books of Masa’il are arranged by order of topic

In this article I will share some of the Masa’il of Shaykh Abdul Aziz ibn Baz from Shaykh Abdullah ibn Maa’ni.

  • There is no harm is shaking a kafir’s hand if there is need to do so, or if he puts his hand out first # 3
  • It isn’t clear whether or not the companions unanimously agreed about the Khawarij being Muslim or Kuffar # 13
  • It is permissible to ask Allah’s Mercy for Waraqah ibn Nawfal  #30
  • Minor shirk is not forgiven. It is removed by good deeds   #55
  • Actions are two types: 1. Actions of correct faith like fear and hope and 2. Actions which   complete faith.  # 69
  • Whoever curses the 4 rightly guided Caliphs is a Kafir; as Allah said he is pleased with them # 73
  • The woman who prayed an entire week with nail polish, must redo Wudu after she removes her nail polish then re-pray those prayers for the entire week  # 89
  • Cleaning the teeth with siwak should be done with the left hand. This is from the actions of removing dirt and impurities.  # 137
  • There is no harm in asking a person on your right or left about something you lost in the Masjid #145
  • Opening up various masajid close to others without a reason, can be called Masjid Ad-Dirar # 150
  • It is permissible to pray in a Masjid built from Haram wealth. The sin falls on the person who built the masjid # 148
  • Which is better the Athan or Iqamah ?  Allah knows best   #162
  • Whoever intends to pray Jumu’ah and is outside the masjid and the Imam is giving the khutbah, can he talk?  Allah knows best   # 165
  • The issue about inmates praying congregation requires a further study   # 174
  • There is no sunnah before Jumu’ah prayer, but the Muslim can pray until the imam arrives  # 177
  • It’s reported that  Ibn Abbass used to pray after floods and earthquakes and some ulema recommend it. #189
  • Praying between the athan and Iqmah isn’t done while travelling # 196
  • If a person travels alone he must go to the masjid for Jama’ , but if there is another person with him, the obligation to pray congregation is removed  # 199
  • Ibn Zubair prayed at the Kaa’bah without a sutrah and people passed in front of him . # 235
  • Some people say the a person must regularly the 12 rakah to earn the rewards from the hadith Um Habibah and others say if a person does it once it will suffice.  # 241
  • Is it narrated that the Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wa salam) prayed two Rak’ah after Witr standing? Allah knows best
  • Whoever raises his head from Ruku and sneezes should say “ Rabbana wa Lakal Hamd , Al-Hamdulilah. # 259
  • When the Imam goes to Ruku follow him, but if you only have 1 verse from Al-Fatihah finish it. # 271
  • A person who intentionally misses Fajr is a Kafir  # 273
  • Giving Zakah to a person to soften his heart towards Islam or to prevent his harm can be done from a general person  # 328
  • If Arafah falls on a Friday there is no harm to fast ; as the reason for the Fast is because it’s Arafah and not Friday. # 371
  • Suicide missions are suicide even if it’s against the enemy # 468
  • There is no harm to open an account with a bank that deals in interest, if a person must do so in order to receive his salary. The interest must be left in your account and not withdrawn.
  • The Duha prayer can be done at work, if you have time and it doesn’t conflict with your duties # 498
  • The child from Zina can inherit from his mother # 511
  • It’s out of place for a person to remain unmarried due to his desire to study. The way of the Prophets was to marry. # 515
  • If a woman makes a condition in the contract that the man will not remarry a 2nd, 3rd,or 4th.and the man does so ,she has the right seek divorce or not.
  • It’s ok to give the Quran , Sahih Al-Bukhari ,or, Riyadus Salaheen as a bridal gift. #522
  • A new contract should be done for the couple who went through the Khula process, even if the woman is still in ‘Iddah . # 537
  • The man must accept his wife’s request for Khula if they can’t reconcile. # 550
  •  The disbursement must be paid from the wife seeking Khula, even if the reason is from the man. # 551
  • The hadith for weighing the child’s hair for the Aqiqah is weak. # 574
  • If one of the parents is Kafir child custody goes to the Muslim parent. # 579
  • Capital punishment for Zina is imposed on the who does a Mut’a marriage. # 583
  • It is not allowed to eat food slaughtered by the Raafidah. # 596
  • The hadith about vomiting for the person drinking while he’s standing is abrogated.#606
  • Is wearing a ring Sunnah? Allah know best. # 613
  • A person can wear his watch on the right or left hand. # 617
  • Jumpsuit or pajamas with the socks connected aren’t considered  isbal. # 622
  • A person must make Kaffarah if he swears to commit a sin.# 645
  • There is no harm is calling the Kufar, “Intelligent” about matters of the Worldly life only. # 657
  • A person shouldn’t remain naked even if he’s alone in his room. #660
  • If a person swears to his wife while lying about something in the past then no Kaffarah is required, but if he swears and is lying about something in the future then he must pay Kaffarah. #664
  • The verdict for saying it’s an obligation to begin with “ Salams” isn’t improbable . # 666
  • It’s a woman’s natural disposition to dance, and I don’t know anything that prevents her. # 672
  • The Dua for Kaffarahtul Majlis doesn’t remove the sin of backbiting. # 707
  • A person can mention his good deeds and achievements if there is a need to do so. Uthman ibn Affan(Radi Allahu anhu ) did it. # 719
  • Most of the hadith collected by Ibn Majjah which aren’t found in the other books aren’t Sahih. # 746
  • Ibn Khuzaymah, Ibn Hibban then Al-Hakim are the most authentic books after Bukhari and Muslim. # 770
  • The Earth doesn’t rotate around the Sun. # 803
  • Which is superior , Ba’I Al-Uqbah or Ba’I Badr? Allah knows best. # 807

These answers were taken from Volume 1 of 2 from the Masa’il of Imam Abdul Aziz bin Baz.

Some well known books of Masa’il

1. Masa’il Imam Ahmed by narration from his son Abdullah

2. Masa’il Imam Ahmed by narration from his son Salih

3. Masa’il Imam Ahmed by narration from Mahna ibn Yahya

4. Masa’il Imam Ahmed by narration from Abu Dawud (author of Sunnan)

5. Masa’il Imam Ahmed and Ishaq ibn Ruwhawiyah by narration from  Ibn Marwazi

6. Masa’il Imam Ahmed by narration from Abi Qassim Al-Baghawi

7. Masa’il Ibn Qaddah Al-Hawwari

8. Masa’il Abu Ya’la Al-Baghdadi (458H)

and countless others.

Translated and compiled by

Abu Aaliyah Abdullah ibn Dwight Lamont Battle

Doha, Qatar 1435(c)

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