The Results of Sins



The Results of Sins
By Ibn Qayyim Al-Jawziyah

• Sinning causes a person to be unsuccessful in his endeavors

• Sinning roots a person with erroneous ideas

• Sinning pushes the person to conceal the truth

• Sinning weakens and corrupts the heart

• Sinning weakens a person’s memory

• Sinning causes a person to waste time

• Sinning makes person become isolated

• Sinning makes a person feel alienated between him and his Lord

• Sinning prevents supplications from being answered

• Sinning hardens the heart

• Sinning erases the blessings in a person’s provisions and life

• Sinning hinders a person from acquiring knowledge

• Sinning brings a person to hang his head in shame

• Sinning allows a person’s enemy to insult and abuse him

• Sinning causes a person to be disgruntled and depressed

• Sinning allows a person to have bad companions who waste his time and corrupt his heart.

• Sinning keeps a person in a stressful state

• Sinning furnishes a depressing life

• Sinning causes a person to be in appalling and dreadful conditions

Disobedience grows negligence in remembering Allah the same way water cultivates agriculture and fire burns destruction. The opposite for all of these situations can be brought forth by obedience to Allah.

Translated by
Abu Aaliyah Abdullah ibn Dwight Battle

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