They Came Seeking Guidance


They Came Seeking Guidance

Verdicts from Allah’s Messenger (ﷺ)

Compiled by Ibn Qayyim Al-Jawziyah

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

He is acknowledged by many as the most influential man in history. He is a Prophet whose speech and guidance has changed the lives of billions around the World. Book after book has been written to capture the model of this man’s life from the Islamic History before and after the Hijrah. A number of books were written that distinctively discuss his rights. Imam At-Tirmith , Al-Baghawi and Ibn Kathir wrote books that talk about his virtue and  his noble character. Moreover some scholars wrote books that mention his special characteristics. In fact, one the  most unique books compiled as an educational tool is the Islamic verdicts given by Prophet Muhammad(ﷺ) from Ibn  Qayyim Al-Jawziyyah.

Volume after volume has always been collected regarding the Fatawa and the verdicts of great scholars for reference. Today we find many people can quote an Imam,  a Mufti, and a Scholar, and many if not in most cases use their speech as a proof. Disappointingly, they are negligent about the Fatawa from the Imam of all Imams, the Mufti of all Muftis, and the scholar whose speech is evidence. Allah said: “Nor does he speak of (his own) desire. It is only an Inspiration that is inspired.”[1] This verse labels that the verdicts the Prophet (ﷺ )issued are unimpaired.

In this series I have taken some the fatawa compiled by Ibn Al-Qayyim and decided to share them with my fellow Muslims for insight based on the authentic Ahadeeth used. Thus if a situation arises in the future perhaps you’ll be able to find that a companion already asked the same question and was given a verdict. I ask Allah to reward Ibn Qayyim Al-Jawziyyah for compiling the verdicts of our Messenger(ﷺ). I ask Allah to send countless peace and blessings on Muhammad and return this Ummah to this Imam and Mufti’s speech and action for their final reference.

Can Allah be seen in the next life?

  • He (ﷺ) was asked will the believers see their Lord ? The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said: Do you feel any trouble in seeing the moon on the night when it is full? They said: Messenger of Allah, no. He (the Messenger) further said: Do you feel any trouble in seeing the sun, when there is no cloud over it? They said: Messenger of Allah. No. He (the Prophet)then said: Verily you would see Him like this (as you see the sun and the moon).[2]

Can we stop performing actions and rely on the Qadr?

  • He (ﷺ) was asked about the Qadr ; should we not then depend upon our destiny and abandon our deeds? Thereupon he said: Acts of everyone will be facilitated in that which has been created for him so that whoever belongs to the company of the blessed will have good works made easier for him and whoever belongs to the unfortunate ones will have evil acts made easier for him. He then recited this verse (from the Qur’an): “Then, who gives to the needy and guards against evil and accepts the excellent (the truth of Islam and the path of righteousness it prescribes), We shall make easy for him the easy end and who is miserly and considers himself above need, We shall make easy for him the difficult end”[3]


Does Allah know our inner thoughts?

  • He (ﷺ) was asked whatsoever the people conceal, Allah will know it ? He answered: “ Yes “[4]

Where was Allah before He created the Heavens and the Earth?

  • He (ﷺ) was asked where Allah was before He created the Heavens and the Earth ? He said: ‘He was (above) the clouds – no air was under him, no air was above him, and He created His Throne upon the water.'” [5]

Who was with Allah at the beginning and where was His Throne?

  • He (ﷺ) was asked about the beginning of creation ? He said : Allah was alone and His Throne was above water.[6]

Where will we be when the Heavens and the Earth change?

  • He (ﷺ ) was asked where will the human beings be on the Day when the Earth would change into another Earth and the Heavens change into other Heavens? The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said: They would be in darkness beside the Bridge.[7]

What is the 1st meal in Jannah?

  • He was asked about the people of Paradise first meal ? He said : A caul of the fish-liver.[8]

Who will pass over the Seerat 1st ?

 He was asked about the first people to pass over the bridge ? He said : They would be the poor amongst the refugees.[9]

What’s the first lunch  served in Jannah ?

  • He was asked about their first lunch?  He said  A bullock which was fed in the different quarters of Paradise would be slaughtered for them.[10]

What kinds of drinks are there in Paradise ?

  • He was asked about the kind of drinks they are served in Paradise ? He said : They would be given drinks from the fountain which is named” Salsabil”[11]

Did the Prophet () see Allah during the Isra& Mi’raj ?

  • He was asked if he saw Allah ? He said : He is Light; how could I see Him? [12]

Is there marriage in Jannah ?

  • He was asked about marriage in Jannah ? He replied the righteous for the righteous, the same way you enjoyed each other in this life you will enjoy each other in Paradise, except you won’t conceive children [13]

Why does a child look  more like one parent than the other ?

  • He was asked why does a child sometimes resemble his mother or father ? He said: If a man has sexual intercourse with his wife and gets discharge first, the child will resemble the father, and if the woman gets discharge first, the child will resemble her.”[14]

How are the disbelievers going to walk on Judgment Day?

  • He was(ﷺ )asked how will the Kuffar walk on their faces on Judgment Day? He replied :  He said, “Will not the One Who made him walk on his feet in this world, be able to make him walk on his face on the Day of Resurrection.[15]

Will we remember our family on Judgment Day?

  • He was asked will you remember your family on the Day of Judgment? He answered : There are three places where no one will remember anyone: at the scale until one knows whether his weight is light or heavy; at (the examination of) the book when one is commanded : Take and read Allah’s record, until he knows whether his book will be put into his right hand, or into his left hand, or behind his back ; and the path when it is placed across JAHANNAM.[16]

What is Kawthar?

  • He was asked about Kawthar ? He answered: Al-Kauthar is a river in Paradise, whose banks are of gold, and it flows over pearls and corundum. Its dirt is purer than musk, and its water is sweeter than honey and whiter than milk.”[17]

If our actions aren’t the same as the one we love?

  • He was asked about a person that loves a person but his actions aren’t  the same as his? He said: Allah’s Messenger (ﷺ) said: A person would be along with one whom he loves.[18]

What is the number one reason to enter Jannah?

  • He was asked the number one cause for people to enter Paradise ? He answered : “Taqwa of Allah, and good character.”[19]

What is the number one reason to enter Hell?

  • he was asked about that for which people are admitted into the Fire the most, and he said: “The mouth and the private parts.”[20]

What are the worst sins you can commit?


  • He was asked about the worst sins a person can commit? He answered : That you associate a partner with Allah (despite the fact) that He has created you. Followed by kilingl your child out of fear that he shall join you in food. Then (the next gravest sin) is that you commit adultery with the wife of your neighbor.[21]

What does Allah love most?

  • He was asked about the most beloved deeds to Allah? He answered Prayer in its proper time and in another report he said :” Prayer when the time first enters.[22]

Tasir of Surah Maryam verse 28

  • He was asked about the the meaning of this verse “O sister (i.e. the like) of Harun (Aaron)[Maryam 28] and what Prophet was between Jesus and Moses? He replied They used to name their children after the rightoues people who lived before them.[23]

Tafsir of Surah Al-Mu’minoon verse 60

  • He was asked about the verse “And those who give that (their charity) which they give (and also do other good deeds) with their hearts full of fear…” he answered they are the Muslims who fear that their Fasts, Prayers, and Charities will not be accepted .[24]

Tafsir of Al-Ma’idah verse 105

  • He was asked about the verse,” O you who believe! Take care of your ownselves…” He answered: He said: No, enjoin one another to do what is good and forbid one another to do what is evil. But when you see niggardliness being obeyed, passion being followed, worldly interests being preferred, everyone being charmed with his opinion, then care for yourself, and leave alone what people in general are doing.[25]

Does using medical treatment contradict our faith in the Qadr?

  • He was asked if using medical treatment contradicts the(belief in ) the Qadr. He replied: ‘They are from Allah’s Decree.'” [26]

What will happen to the pagan children who died young?

  • He (ﷺ) was asked about the children of (Mushrikeen) pagans. The Prophet (ﷺ) replied, “Since Allah created them, He knows what sort of deeds they would have done.” [27]

What charity is the best?

  • He (ﷺ)was aksed which charity is the most superior in reward?” He replied, “The charity which you practice while you are healthy, niggardly and afraid of poverty and wish to become wealthy.[28]

What are the best words one can say ?

  • The Messenger (ﷺ) was asked  which words are the best. He said: Those for which Allah made a choice for His Angels and His servants (and the words are):” Glory to Allah and praise is due to Him.”[29]

When was it decreed for Muhammad to be a Messenger?

  • He (ﷺ) was asked when did he become a Prophet? He replied when Adam was in  the process  of being molded with water and clay.[30]

Tafsir Az-Zumar verse 67

  • He was asked about the verse, “And on the Day of Resurrection the whole of the earth will be grasped by His Hand and the heavens will be rolled up in His Right Hand….”, Where will the people be when this happens? He answered on the Bridge over Hell.[31]

What is a sign of your faith?

  • He was asked about faith ? He replied whenever  your good deeds make you happy and your bad deeds make you feel miserable.[32]

How can we recognize a sin ?

  • He was asked how to identify a sin? He answered whenever you have an uneasy feeling in your heart, then leave off that action.[33]

What is Islam, Imam and Ihsan?

  • Refer to the hadith of Jibril.

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