The Moon Landing Theory from the Quran


The Moon Landing Theory from the Quran

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

During the Cold War, there was a rush between two world superpowers to reach the Moon. Russia and America in 60’s were competing to place a man on the moon. In 1965 Neil Armstrong is supposedly the first man to walk on the moon. Ever since that occurrence, there have been many conspiracy theories centered around whether or not we actually put a man on the moon, or that was a video shot in Area 51, or somewhere in the desert. Even today the question remains if we went to the moon with that technology during that time, then how come we haven’t returned again with our latest and more advanced technology. Islamic jurists and theologians have discussed this topic with their views being divided up into three;

  • Those who reject it
  • Those who accept it
  • Those who neither accept it nor reject it.

There are some people who say the possibility to land on the moon is rejected in the Quran based on the verse in Al-Furqan [61] “Blessed be He Who has placed in the heaven big stars and has placed therein a great lamp (sun), and a moon giving light.”  This verse shows that the moon is in the heavens and it requires permission to enter the Heavens. When the Prophet made Isra and Mi’raj with Jibril [صلى الله عليهما] he needed permission to enter. After it was granted they were allowed the entered the Heavens, so if that is the case for a Prophet, then what a man-made space shuttle?

The other group of scholars says it’s possible and the Quran actually supports it. The verse in Ar-Rahman :33, “O assembly of jinns and men! If you have the power to pass beyond the zones of the heavens and the earth, then pass (them)!” The USA has the ability to pass beyond the zones of the heavens and earth with their advancements in technology.

The news from NASA has gone widespread around the world.  

The Quran is the Speech of Allah and Allah’s Knowledge encompasses everything. He knows what’s going to happen before it does and after it occurs and He knows the past. Everything that takes place in the heavens and earth whether big or small Allah knows it; as it can’t happen without Him allowing it. Therefore anyone who thinks the Quran contradicts anything that happens is mistaken.[1]

Allah said: And has made the moon a light therein, and made the sun a lamp?[ Nuh:16] The scholars of Tafsir said this verse means Allah placed the moon in the heavens of the earth. If it’s clear that the moon is in the heavens of earth then this makes it impossible for humans to go there. Allah said:  And even if We opened to them a gate from the heaven and they were to continue ascending thereto. They would surely say: “Our eyes have been (as if) dazzled. Nay, we are a people bewitched.” [ Al-hijr:14-15]

Shaykh Muhammad Al-Imam said: This verse mentions that non-Muslims going to the heavens are a miracle that can only take place by Allah’s permission.

Allah said: Or have they a stairway (to heaven), by means of which they listen (to the talks of the angels)? Then let their listener produce some manifest proof.[At-Tur:38]

Allah said: Or is it that the dominion of the heavens and the earth and all that is between them is theirs? If so, let them ascend up with the means (to the heavens)!(As they denied Allah’s Message) they will be a defeated host like the confederates of the old times (who were defeated).[Sad:10-11] The words in the verse, “let them ascend up” means they don’t have the ability. And the words, “with the means” refer to the ways and methods to reach the heavens.

This verse addresses the disbelievers who challenged the Messenger past and present and today’s atheists and scientists are included.

The other verses that reject this theory are;

Allah said: Verily! We have adorned the near heaven with the stars (for beauty).7. And to guard against every rebellious devil.8. They cannot listen to the higher group (angels) for they are pelted from every side.9. Outcast and theirs is a constant (or painful) torment.10. Except such as snatch away something by stealing and they are pursued by a flaming fire of piercing brightness.[As-Saffaat:6-10]

Allah said: And We have guarded it (near heaven) from every outcast Shaitan (devil).[Al-Hijr 17]

Allah said: And verily, we used to sit there in stations, to (steal) a hearing, but any who listens now will find a flaming fire watching him in ambush.[Al-Jinn:9]

These verses show the difficulty the Jinn face trying to reach the heavens to eavesdrop. They are repelled with a flaming fire. Some scholars have said the flaming fire refers to the falling stars we see in the sky. Since the Jinn isn’t able to reach and is repelled with a flaming fire , then likewise the Son of Adam is included in this verse. The Jinn have the ability to reach the heavens of earth unlike man, who wasn’t able in the past and still can’t physically.

These are some arguments from the Quran that show it’s not likely that we went to the moon. Next is a hadith that is Hasan that mentions between the Earth and the heavens are a distance of 73 years.

Now from a logical stand point if they reached the moon then there isn’t anything about them reaching the sun. The moon and the sun are both in the same orbit. Therefore, for them to say they went to the moon and not the sun is a contradiction.

 Moreover, Allah said: It is He Who made the sun a shining thing and the moon as a light[ Yunus:5] Allah mentioned that the moon is light. We witness this from its beginning until its end, before the birth of a new moon. Allah said: And the moon, We have measured for it mansions (to traverse) till it returns like the old dried curved date stalk.[ Ya-Sin:39]. If we accept they went to the moon then we’d have to reject these verses.

Another one of their contradictions is their speech there is no gravity on the moon, so if there is no gravity there then how can you land there ?!

These positions mentioned about the non-probability of going to the moon.

The other group of scholars says it’s possible and the Quran actually supports it. The verse in Ar-Rahman:33, “O assembly of jinns and men! If you have the power to pass beyond the zones of the heavens and the earth, then pass (them)!”

The majority of the scholars of Tafsir said this refers to the Day of Judgment based on its context.

The verse in Ar –Rahman ends with the words, “ except with authority (from Allah)! [ 33] and this has been referred to as knowledge. So based on this ayah from beginning to end it becomes clearer that it is referring to the day of Judgement, not mention when Surah Ar-Rahman is its read from the beginning.

Go back to verse number 31 in Ar-Rahman. Allah said: We shall attend to you, O you two classes (jinns and men)!  Then continue to read up on verse number 35. Allah said: There will be sent against you both, smokeless flames of fire and (molten) brass, and you will not be able to defend yourselves. All of this refers to the Day of Judgment.

Allah’s Speech, “O assembly of Jinn “ includes mankind as well. The Jinn were created before the son of Adam and have the ability to move at fast speeds as well as fly. If we say the verse in Ar-Rahman, “O assembly of jinns and men! If you have the power to pass beyond the zones of the heavens and the earth, then pass (them)!”  refers to man’s ability to pass then we’d have to include the Jinn and this would contradict the verse in Al-Jinn.

Allah Said:and we have sought to reach the heaven; but found it filled with stern guards and flaming fires. ‘And verily, we used to sit there in stations, to (steal) a hearing, but any who listens now will find a flaming fire watching him in ambush. [Al-Jinn 8-9]

So the way to understand the verse in Ar-Rahman when looking at the verse in Al-Jinn means they won’t have the ability on the Day of Judgment except those whom Allah has allowed.

In closing the Quran has no contradictions and is a complete book which will remain relevant able to answer any question of doubt we face until the day of Judgment. Moreover, the Quran establishes that we will live on Earth and die on Earth. Allah said: “Therein you shall live, and therein you shall die, and from it you shall be brought out (i.e.resurrected).”[Al-‘Araf:25] Also the Most Wise said : Thereof (the earth) We created you, and into it We shall return you, and from it We shall bring you out once again.[Ta-Ha:55]

These verses restrict life, death, and resurrection to Earth. Consequently, based on the apparent meaning of the Quran the moon landing was a hoax. And Allah knows best.

Taken from

An Essay  about the Moon landing, by Al-Imam Muhammad Ibn Salih Al-Uthaymee

Criticizing the Theories of the universe, by Shaykh Muhammad Al-Imam


Quranic Verses were taken from the Noble Quran, by Shaykh Muhsin Khan and Shaykh Taqidudeen Al-Hilali

Prepared and arranged by

Abu Aaliyah Abdullah ibn Dwight Battle

Khateeb/ Academic in Doha, Qatar 1438©







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  1. As-Salaamu-Alaikum,
    This is a an interesting take, but you fail to acknowledge the advances in space technology since the moon landing. What about the Mars rovers, the Cassini Spacecraft, the international space station, and the hundreds of satellites that have been sent into orbit by numerous countries? Are these all hoaxes also?

    You state that the moon and Sun are in the same orbit, but basic science disproves this.

    Finally, what do you think the implications of such arguments have for the possibility of scientific advancement for Sunni Muslim countries? If scholars insist that we cannot leave the earths atmosphere, while the rest of the world continues to do so, how will that influence societal development and dependence upon other countries?

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