Having a Bird as a Pet

Shaykh Abdul Aziz bin Baz 1420 H (may Allah have mercy on him)

Question:  Is it permissible to keep a bird in a cage for the purpose of beauty in the house or in the garden?

Answer:  There is no problem in keeping a bird in a cage as long as you give it food and drink. The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) said,”

عُذِّبَتِ امْرَأَةٌ فِي هِرَّةٍ سَجَنَتْهَا حَتَّى مَاتَتْ؛ فَدَخَلَتْ فِيهَا النَّارَ؛ لا هِيَ أَطْعَمَتْهَا وَسَقَتْهَا إِذْ حَبَسَتْهَا، وَلا هِيَ تَرَكَتْهَا تَأْكُلُ مِنْ خَشَاشِ الأَرْضِ

“A woman was punished in hell due to her treatment of a cat. She kept the cat confined until it died, for that reason she went to Hell. This woman kept the cat restrained without giving it food and drink.  She didn’t even let it to eat insects from the ground.[ Bukhari 3482 , and Muslim 2242]

This hadeeth shows that if she had given the cat food and drink, she wouldn’t have been punished.  And with Allah is the success.

Taken fom Fatawa Islaameeya [4 /449] Printed in 11/13/ 1427

Translated by Abu Aaliyah Abdullah ibn Dwight L. Battle

1430 H© Doha, Qatar


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