How did the Prophet’s Parents choose his name?

By : Ash-Shaykh, Al-Imam Muhammad Nasirud Deen Al-Albani

(May Allah rest him Jannah)

Questioner: In relation to choosing the name Muhammad (sallahu alayhi wa salim), did this happen by way of revelation or a vision. And how do we join between the outward contradicting texts in this issue?

Al-Albani : Join what? What is the apparent contradiction, so we can join the  two meanings ?

Questioner: Ok, there is one thing we need to be sure of first then we can understand both texts clearly. That is , did the name Muhammad come to his mother by way of a vision? Then She said, “ I will name this child Muhammad?

Al-Albani: That’s superstition, that’s superstition.

Questioner: This idea is superstition?

Al-Albani: Yes, that’s right.

Questioner:  There is no text that says this?

Al-Albani: No

Questioner: Then was his name chosen due to revelation?

Al-Albani: Allah knows best

Questioner: Allah knows best


Al-Albani: Revelation didn’t occur at the time of the Prophet’s birth, but rather his name could have been decided through inspiration and insight

Questioner : Inspiration and insight.

Al-Albani : Yes.

Questioner: It’s possible that his mother had an inspiration and chose that name?

Al-Albani: of course, the Prophet’s mother, father , uncle  and grandfather could have all received inspiration. The Prophet’s father was dead the day he (sallahu alayhi was salim )was born.

Questioner: Yes

Al-Albani: When did his mother die and after how long?

Questioner: 6 years after his birth

Al-Albani: Good, therefore it’s possible that this inspiration to choose his name might have happened to one of his close relatives as well. i.e his grandfather or uncle etc. The way he got his name really isn’t that important. What is important though is the fact that he was protected from worshipping along with Allah partners. This is what was inspired to him and he chose that path.

Taken from the Encylopedia of Al-Albani’s sayings and actions in Aqeedah Vol 8 219-220.

Translated by : Abu Aaliyah Abdullah ibn Dwight Battle Sr.

Doha, Qatar 1432

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