Socially Relevant Verdicts for Muslims in the West – 6

Shaykh Abu Nasr Muhammad ibn Abdullah Al-Imam

(May Allah preserve him)

As-salaamu alaykum wa rahmahtullahi wa barakatahu. These are a few questions from the Muslims in Holland and Belgium.  I hope that you can assist in answering them Shaykh. May Allah grant you the success.

Your brother in Islam,

Abu Aaliyah Abdullah ibn Dwight Battle Al-Amreekee


1. Question: A new muslimah was asked by her non-Muslim brother to be a witness at his wedding, which will be held in a church and at city hall. What is the ruling on this?

1. Answer: Praise belongs to Allah Lord of all the worlds.  Islam accepts the marriage contract between two Christians who adhere to their faith. Therefore there is no harm in witnessing such a ceremony if one took place, even if in a church. The condition to witness this wedding in a church is the absence of images. The Muslim must avoid all places where images and idols are present and at the same time hate the places where paganism is practiced.

2. Question: A new muslimah was asked by her non-muslim brother to be the “godmother” (a sort of guardian) of his child. What is the ruling on this?

2. Answer: It is permissible for her to witness her brother’s baby baptism and be the godmother. She must be sure that this is her real nephew. And if her brother dies she must nurture the child with Islam.

 3. Question: What is the ruling on naming newborns with names of (aspects of) Paradise, such as Jannah, Firdaws, Kawthar, Tasneem, Rayaan, Salsabeel etc.? Some people say this is considered as over praising and exaggeration. Are they right?

 3. Answer: There is some exaggeration and over praising in naming with those names. Hence it is better to select some of the more famous Muslim female names, such as; Fatimah, Summayah, Zaynab, Aisha, Khadijah etc.

4. Question:  What is the Islamic view on freedom of speech and opinion (for Muslims)?

4. Answer: The system of freedom of speech and opinion is famous worldwide. In the sight of Islam it is considered a system of falsehood, which over steps the boundaries placed by Islam. The legal ruling regarding these liberties is that they are impermissible.  Chaos, corruption, evil and vile acts occur as a result of free speech, opinion and other so called rights and liberties.

On the contrary defending and debating for the sake of Islam’s honor is something lawfully required in Islam, even if a non-Muslim does this under the banner of freedom of opinion.

5. Question: A group of sisters want to celebrate the shahaadah of a new muslimah by gathering at one of their houses and welcoming the new sister, introducing her to new contacts, giving her gifts etc. Is this allowed?

5. Answer: There is no harm in this act with the intention to encourage and support somebody who proclaims his/ her Islam. At the same time excessiveness and waste must be avoided at this party, along with the other haraam acts. Haraam acts like intermingling between sexes.

6. Question: What is the ruling on eating the testicles of the ram? What about other organs?

6. Answer: If the ram is slaughtered in a Halal manner, then it’s permissible for you to eat the body parts you mentioned.

7. Question:  How do we understand the fact that Allaah created mankind to worship Him, and the fact that Allaah is not in need of our worship? How to combine between these two?

7.Answer: It is a duty on the Muslim to worship Allah. Allah created man, provides for him and has blessed him. Allah deserves being worship due to His prefect attributes and greatness.

The Muslim must worship Allah in order to earn His Paradise. Allah has tested the servant to worship him in to distinguish between His servants and enemies. Allah is in no need of man or his worship. He hasn’t ordered the son of Adam to worship Him for His need. Allah is free from such a need. Everything in the heavens and earth and between them belongs to Allah.

The servant must worship Allah. The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him said,” Allah said, “Oh my servant your actions are the only thing I hold against you. Therefore whoever finds good then let him praise Allah, and whoever finds anything else then let him blame no one but himself.”


8. Question: The following unknown hadeeth reached us. What is its authenticity? Is there any truth in it?

It is related in one hadith that Rasulullah had said: “During Haidh, if a woman reads istighfar sevety times at the time of every salaah, then she will get the reward of reading one thousand rak’at of salaah, seventy of her sins will be forgiven, her status is raised in the eyes of Allah and for every letter of istighfar she gets a light and for every vein of the body one Hajj and Umrah is written.”

8. Answer: This hadeeth is unauthentic. The supererogatory remembrances of Allah made after the obligatory prayers are well known and this isn’t one of them.

9. Question: Some new Muslims are under the impression that only the meat of the pig/swine is impure so they let their children touch living pigs at the zoo. Is this permissible?

9. Answer: The correct verdict is the pig’s hair is impure. And whoever touches its hair must wash his hands. The pig is reproduced from pigs flesh and fat and they are both filthy (najis)

Translated by Abu Aaliyah Abdullah ibn Dwight Battle

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