Socially Relevant Verdicts for Muslims in the West # 7

By Al-‘Alaamah, Al-Faqqee

Zayd ibn Muhammad ibn Hadee Al-Madkhali (may Allah preserve him)

1.Question: Is it permissible for a Muslim to love his disbelieving country?

    Answer:  The Kafir country isn’t for Muslims. Only the Islamic countries are his. He must go and settle down in an Islamic state. The disbelieving countries aren’t for him.

The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) and Muhajiroon among the noble companions left Mecca. They all preferred residence in Medina, and they didn’t return to Mecca until after the conquest.

What’s important to know is that the Muslims’ homes are the Muslim countries. The Muslim countries are the ones, where Islamic law rules. And the disbelieving countries aren’t the homes for the Muslim.


2. Question : Here in America we have some Muslim women who veil in front of Muslim men. However, in the presence of Kuffar men they remove the niqab. At the same time there aren’t any difficulties or harassments that prevent them from veiling.

Answer : Wearing Niqab and Hijab are an Islamic duty. This obligation must be carried out in the presence of all foreign men. Whether they are Kuffar or Muslim. Under no circumstance is it permissible for her to unveil. It is not permissible to sacrifice an aspect of the religion for some worldly gain. This woman taking off her niqab in front of the kuffar in order to gain some dunya is harram. This act is evil. It’s an obligation for her to adhere to the hijab.

Allah has honored the Muslim woman with Islam. She must learn and practice Islam. Islam places a great importance on the Hijab issue and the issue of the woman’s appearance.

The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) said,” The zina of the eyes is looking, the zina of the hand is touching, the zina of the legs is walking, and the zina of the ears is listening. 

 It’s a duty for the woman to beware of being exposed whether in the presence of the Muslims or Kuffar: dressed incorrectly.


3. Question:What is the Islamic verdict for showing the face and hair in the presence of the People of the Book and disbelievers?

Answer: It is better for a Muslim to hide her beauty and refrain from unveiling in the presence of the disbelieving women. The disbelieving women aren’t trustworthy. And if her face or hair become exposed to the Kafir women then no problem.

4.Question:  We live in a Kafir country where some brothers give classes. They don’t learn directly from the scholars. However they learn and benefit by way of cassettes and books. In order for these brothers to teach should they have reorganization from a scholar or not. These brothers are Salafi.

Answer: Whoever learns something by means of audio, video, publications and so forth and he perfects it, then knowledge can be taken from him. These various means of conveying knowledge are a mercy in this era. They assist the people who can’t reach the people of knowledge.

Let’s take for example a person who resides in the land of kufar. He reads the books and listens the cassettes of the people of knowledge, along with their explanations he benefits. And whatever is difficult to understand he calls the people of knowledge. They explain to him whatever he didn’t understand. The likes of these people can be learnt from. As long as they are proficient and have a command of what they have read or heard.

5.Question: If only my wife and young children are at home is it permissible for workers to come and do maintenance?

Answer: There is no problem with this if the women vacate the house. Now if the women remain in the house then it isn’t permissible for the workers to enter. The owner of this house shouldn’t be pleased with the action of a worker coming to his house while his wife is there.

  • The question is asked again *

Answer: Those young children aren’t considered Mahram for her. The workers will prevent the woman from the areas in her house that need cleaning. She must leave the house. Men are not keeper for women, in particularly the ignorant who work for money.


6. Question:  If we have donation boxes for a masjid is it permissible to use some of the money to buy water for the same masjid?

Answer: Yes this is okay. This is from the money for the masjid and the water is for the masjid.

7.Question:  What is the verdict for offering condolences to a Kafir?

Answer: There are no condolences for a kafir unless it’s a means to calling him to become Muslim. Then one should say,” May Allah allow you to be good offspring. Otherwise don’t give condolences.

Offering condolences to a Kafir isn’t legislated. There is no sorrow felt for a kafir at his lost. However sometimes  condolences can be offered to kafir on behalf of a Muslim. Dua is made for Muslim when he dies. The son is Muslim and the father was a kafir. The son died before the father. Condolences to the kafir in this situation are supplication for the deceased. If he’s pleased with his kinship this could incline him towards Islam. Therefore calling him to Islam by this way is good to the best of your ability.

8. Question: Is it permissible for a woman to say a man I love you for the sake of Allah; and a man to say to a woman I love you for the sake of Allah?

Answer: No problem, as long as the woman is from his Muharim- i.e women he can’t marry at a particular time. Now if she is from the foreign women, then no. Men and women are ordered to love each other as brothers and sisters in Islam. There is no need for this to be said verbally between men and women. It is an incorrect action.

Translated and compiled by Abu Aaliyah Abdullah ibn Dwight Battle

Doha, Qatar © 1431

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