What is the Verdict for Burying Fingernails after Clipping them?


What is the Verdict for Burying Fingernails after Clipping them?

By Shaykh Muhammad Ferkous

Question: We have heard from some  people of knowledge say  it’s a must to bury the fingernails after clipping them. Is this correct?

Answer: All praises belong to Allah, Lord of All the worlds. May His peace and blessings be upon the messenger, He sent as mercy for mankind and jinn. May Allah’s mercy be shed on Muhammed’s companions and brethren until the Last day. As for what follow:

Some of the scholars view burying the fingernails and hair after cutting them as being a recommended act. This is based on a narration from Mil bint Mashruh Al-Ashari (May Allah be pleased with her). She said: I saw my father clip his fingernails then bury them. He said I saw the Messenger of Allah do the same thing.

Imam Ahmed was asked about the individual who cuts his hair or clips his nails. Does he bury it or throw it away?  Imam Ahmed said: “ He buries it.” The man then asked,” Has any narration reached you about this?” Iman Ahmed said: “ Ibn Umar used to bury his nails.”

Although the hadeeth doesn’t reach the level of being authentic, this act is recommended based on the point this is removing a part of the body that’s connected to another . And this is treating one part of the body like the rest of the body.i.e It’s buried.

The knowledge is with Allah the Most high. All praises belong to Allah Lord of All the worlds. May Allah’s peace and blessing be upon our Messenger Muhammad, his family, companions and brethren until the Last Day.

Algeria:  7th of Jumad Thani 1427.

TN: This is a big practice is some parts of Africa. They do it as a protection against magic. Hair and fingernails are among things people use to cast spells. Nonetheless we have the morning and evening thikr which serve as a protection against magic and other legislated acts.Allah is the Protector.


Translated by Abu Aaliyah Abdullah ibn Dwight Battle