An Abandoned Etiquette for wearing shoes

عن أبي هريرة مرفوعا ” إذا لبست نعليك فابدأ باليمنى و إذا خلعت فابدأ باليسرى و ليكن اليمنى أول ما تنتعل ، و اليسرى آخر ما تحفى ، و لا تمش في نعل واحد ، اخلعهما جميعا أو البسهما جميعا ” .

Abu Hurayrah (Radi Allahu Anhu) narrated the Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wa salam) said: ” Whenever you put on your shoes start with your right foot . When you take off your shoes begin with your left foot. Let your right foot be the first when putting on your shoes and your left last. Don’t walk with one shoe on (and one uncovered). Either leave both your feet barefooted, or wear both of your shoes.

Narrated by Abu Umar ibn Mandah in ( Al-Muntakhab minal Fawa’id 2/ 265) Al-Albani graded the isnad of this hadeeth as ” Hasan Li Ghayrihi ”

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Al-Albani (May Allah rest him in Firdous) said: Be informed that this hadith mentions an etiquette for wearing shoes. It mentions the difference between putting on and taking off shoes. This is a manner that most Muslims neglect during this era, due to the ignorance of the Sunnah as people aren’t being educated about it. Incongruously, there are so called Du’at among them inviting others to Islam.

There are some people who say the etiquette for wearing shoes is a trivial issue.Dont be misled by these du’at dear Muslim! In reality,- by Allah- they are ignorant of Islam. The etiquette for wearing shoes is a tradition, but they are unaware or ignore it. As it is said : ” Whoever is ignorant about something is an enemy towards it.”

Amazingly, there are some of those du’at who blare out during their sermons or lectures about the obligation to establish Islam completely in all aspects of life. Nonetheless, they are the first to contradict themselves in their invitation. This is manifest from their actions and clothes. You witness them or most of them not giving an importance to the dress of the Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi was salam). Rather, they dress like Hasan Al-Banna or people similar to him. That is their beards are short and they wear neckties. (As-Silsilatus Saheehah 2570)

Translated by Abu Aaliyah Abdullah ibn Dwight Lamont Battle

Doha, Qatar, Jumada Al-Akhir,3rd, 1435©

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