Burying Bid’ah part 4: Shaking Hands after Praying

من لقي أخاه عند الإنصراف من الجمعة, فليقل : يقبل الله منا ومنك, فإنها فريضة أديتموها إلى ربكم عز وجل

” Whoever meets his brother after leaving the  Jum’uah prayer, he must say to to him : ” May Allah accept it from us and you-Taqqabal Allahu mina wa minkum” Verily the Jumu’ah prayer is an obligation you have fulfilled to your Lord azza wa jal.

Silsilatuh Dha’eefah 5667

Benefits for this subject:

  • This speech is falsely attributed to Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wa salam). In its chain is a narrator called Nashal ibn Sa’eed. He used to falsely narrate hadith from trustworthy people. These hadith are not their words and therefore its not permissible to narrate his hadith. (Al-Majruheen 1109 ibn Hibban)
  • The other problem why this speech is rejected is because of the narrator Ad-Dahak ibn Muzahim narrates on Ibn Abbass (Radi Allahu anhu). Shu’bah said : ” Ad-Dahak never met Ibn Abbass” (Al-Kaamil fi Dhu’afah by Ibn Uday)
  • People commonly say : ” Taqqabal Allah, ” after the prayer and this act is an innovation , which comes from a baseless hadith. Furthermore connected with this speech  is  the act of handshaking after the prayer.
  • Handshaking after the prayer is an innovation. Shaykul Islam ibn Taymiyyah said: Shaking hands after prayer isn’t a Sunnah, rather it is an innovation and Allah knows best.(Majmu 23/339)
  • Ibn Al-Haj said: It’s proper for the person to prevent and avoid handshaking after Fajr, Asr and Jum’uah prayer. Some people shake hands after completing all the daily prayers.These handshakes are an innovation. The time and place for shaking hands in Islam is only done when two Muslims meet, and not after the daily prayers.(Al-Madkhal 2/223)

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Translated and compiled  by Abu Aaliyah Abdullah ibn  Dwight Battle Sr.

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