Contemporary Issues –- 1

The Verdict about Artificial Insemination

By Muhammad ibn Abdullah As-Sabil (may Allah preserve him)

Question: Allah bears witness that I love you for the sake of Allah. I have a question about artificial insemination. A man hasn’t any children and the doctor has told him that his ejaculation is weak. In order for him to have a child his wife must have artificial insemination.  i.e  a man’s semen is ejected in his wife’s womb by means of a mechanical device and vacuum tube.

I ask you to supplicate to Allah for me to have pious off-spring. May Allah preserve you.

Answer: If the affair is like you mentioned then it is permissible to take his semen and place it in his wife’s womb through a machine; providing that the he is absolutely sure that his sperm will be used and not anyone else’s. Also he must be sure that no harm will be caused from that illness and the practicing physician is honest.

We ask Allah to bless him with pious children. Verily Allah hears the supplication of his servants.

Taken from Fatawa wa Rasa’il Mukhtarah page 577. Printed by Dar-alathar.

Translated by Abu Aaliyah Abdullah ibn Dwight Battle

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