Eu-flag-vector-material2Socially Relevant Verdicts for Muslims in the West

By Al-‘Alaamah Al-Faqqeeh As-Shaykh

Zayd Ibn Muhammad ibn Hadee Al-Madkhalee(May Allah have mercy on him)

    .Just recently a brother’s wife has begun to disobey Allah. She does acts like talk to foreign men, smoke cigarettes, and has taken off her hijab. We have given her advice on numerous occasions, but until now it is of no avail. He is asking for some advice about this matter. Should he divorce her or what?

Answer:  In that country (France) whenever a woman becomes Muslim and prays the five daily prayers then be patient and try to fix the problem. Don’t be in such a hurry to divorce her.  Advise should be given to her more than once as long as she is praying. On the other hand if she isn’t praying the obligatory prayers and has no regard for her modesty and honor and he leaves her for the sake of Allah, He will replace her with someone better.

  2. A Muslim dies and his prayer was done in the masjid, but his wife is a disbeliever. She buried him in the disbelievers’ graveyard. What is the verdict for that?

Answer:  It is a duty on the Muslim body in that community where that man was living to bury  him in the Muslims’ graveyard. This woman has no right to bury him in that grave. And if it is possible to transfer his body from that graveyard to the Muslim’s graveyard then this is the principle. However if that isn’t possible ,and dispute, hardships and bloodshed could occur then leave him there in that grave. His deeds and actions that he did in this world will be his friends and close companions in the grave and Allah knows best.

3. Is there any harm in raising the hands at the end of the Khutbah on Friday while the Imam is making Dua? Is this act an innovation?

Answer: No, don’t raise the hands. Say Ameen without raising the hands.

4. If a person wakes up on Firday in a state of Janabah is one Ghusl enough for Friday and the Janabah?

Answer:  If he intends to remove the sexual impurity this would suffice for the Jumu’ah Ghusl as well, so one Ghusl is enough.

5.A person misses the Khutbah, but joins the prayer. Does he pray two Rak’ah or four?

Answer: He prays the Juma’h. Even if he only caught one raka’h he prays it and completes his prayer. However he has missed out on an enormous reward.

6. When is a person called a student of knowledge?

Answer: He is called a student of knowledge if he seeks knowledge. When he starts seeking knowledge he’s a student of knowledge. The person who is a beginner, an intermediate, advanced Mujhtahid are all students of knowledge. Everybody who treads a path in order to gain knowledge is a student of knowledge. The word student of knowledge is an honorable title. Knowledge is inherited from the Prophets and whoever seeks it seeks the most valuable inheritance. This inheritance is the legacy of the prophets and messengers. The student of knowledge has no final point. Every time the scholar acquires knowledge he realizes he needs more than what he possesses. And for that reason whenever the student of knowledge ages   and becomes firm in knowledge, he realizes that he will never have a  need to stop seeking knowledge. Allah says, “ Say oh my Lord increase me in knowledge.”

 7.Is it permissible for a Muslim to greet the disbelievers with greetings such as Good morning or Good evening first when meeting?

Answer: No don’t give the disbeliever the greetings first. He should walk pass the disbeliever without giving him the greetings. Perhaps the person with intellect can understand that the reason he’s prohibited from receiving greetings of peace is because he’s a Kafir. A kafir doesn’t believe in the religion of Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him). By not giving the Kafir the greetings he is pulled to Islam. The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) said,” When you meet them don’t give them the greetings first.”

8.Is it permissible for a woman to stipulate in her marriage contract that her husband will not take another wife?

Answer: It is better for her to not to make this a stipulation in the contract. The person who wants her might need someone else. Allah has made the matrimony of up to four wives permissible; as long as the person has the ability. Therefore it is better for her to leave that clause out . And praise belongs  to Allah a clause like this is very rare. And if he feels that she can’t handle having a co wife then no problem. And if she makes this condition then this is her right in the contract.   And if one day her husband remarries, then she has the right to annul the contract. And her husband can’t be prevented from remarrying if there is a need to do so and he knows the reason why he would remarry.

Translated by : Abu Aaliyah Abdulah ibn Dwight Lamont Battle

Doha, Qatar 11/5/1429 ©

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