Socially Relevant Verdicts
for Muslims in the West # 8

By Al-‘Alaamah, Al-Faqqee

Zayd ibn Muhammad ibn Hadee
Al-Madkhali (may Allah preserve him)

1.Question: Does a woman earn a sin when she dislikes her husband due to pregnancy sickness?

Answer: This isn’t by her choice. However she needs to try and remedy her self of this feeling. Her distaste for sexual relations with her husband isn’t her voluntary feeling. The distaste for sex is a natural feeling many women sense when they first get pregnant. This isn’t a true feeling, so she must remedy herself of that feeling. She must treat that feeling correctly, so she doesn’t act meanly towards her husband. And not wanting to have relations with her husband could cause him to be angry with her and lead him to divorce her.
Therefore she should ignore this feeling and be kind to her husband and consider his feelings.

2.Question: In some of the masjids there are advertisements for transport by bus for students. Is this buying and selling in the masjid?

Answer: Everything that includes buying and selling isn’t posted in the masjid. The masajid weren’t built for that purpose. There is no problem posting announcements for lectures and classes; as this is knowledge and connection to it.

3.Question: A woman makes condition that whoever wants to propose to her
should have memorized a portion of the Quran. What is the verdict for this

Answer: In order to teach her? She made the condition for him? At any rate there is no need for this condition. She should make a condition that he is a person of good character and religion. Religion and good character are the condition for the person offering marriage.

Memorizing the Quran or a portion of it isn’t a condition. The shari’a doesn’t imply this as a condition. And when he becomes her husband she can encourage and steer him to memorize some Quran when he’s negligent. She should begin with herself first, then guide and encourage others though.

4.Question: Is it permissible for a Muslim to work as a taxi driver in the land of kufar; as sometimes he asked to take people to Church.

Answer: It’s permissible for him to drive taxis. If a Muslim residing the land of kufr has the ability to migrate, its must that he does so. He
should reside in the Muslim countries to establish his religion’s rites.

However if he is unable and doesn’t have the
ability to emigrate, then there is no harm on him in earning money in the land
of kufr. He can be either a taxi driver, or a merchant or the like. There is no
harm in that action.

5.Question: Is it permissible to eat at restaurant that sells Halal food and alcohol?

Answer: There is no harm in that action if this is the only restaurant around. There is no sin on the Muslim if he enters this restaurant and eats the Halal food inside and refrain from the Haram.

If there is a restaurant selling Halal only and no alcohol, no meat slaughtered incorrectly, no pork, etc, then this place is
more befitting to dine in. This kind of restaurant is more appropriate for the Muslim to go to and eat. He should leave off the restaurant that sells Halal and Haram in order to be safe from harm and deception.

6.Question: All praises belong to Allah. I am a Muslimah and my brother is a kafir. Is it permissible for him to stay the night at my home and can I uncover in his presence?

Answer: Allah blessed her with Islam. This is a blessing that Allah gives to whomever He wishes. Allah possesses all the great blessings. If her brother loves good things then she must invite him to Islam and make Islam admiring to him. He might answer her call. And if he doesn’t then his transgression is against him.

It is permissible to unveil in his presence, as he is unmarriageable for her. However he doesn’t have to right to be her
guardian for marriage. Try to call him to Islam. Allah might open his heart to accept it. And she’ll receive a reward.

7.Question: When my child sneezes my kuffar parents say to him “ God bless you.” What should I do in this instance?

Answer: This isn’t a supplication. It’s not a supplication recorded in the books of Islam. The Dua that is reported is the wording “ May Allah have mercy on you.”

The disbelievers don’t know anything about Islam. Don’t reply to them. Say “ Alhamduilah for your child and trust in  Allah.

8.Question: Do the Angels see Allah?

Answer: Allah knows best.

Translated and compiled by Abu Aaliyah Abdullah ibn Dwight Lamont
Battle Sr.-Adam

Doha, Qatar- The blessed Arabian Gulf 1431 ©


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