Socially Relevant Verdicts for Muslims in the West (Part 3)

By Al-‘Alaamah Al-Faqqeeh As-Shaykh

Zayd Ibn Muhammad ibn Hadee Al-Madkhalee(May Allah preserve him)[1]


1.   Question: Do the Angels see Allah?

Answer: Allah knows best.


2 .   Question: What is the verdict for giving salutations to a sinner while he’s sinning?

Answer:  1st the giving of Salaams is a recommended act, not obligatory. 2nd

Salutations are given to the young, old, to the person known ,or unknown.  The Muslim must abandon speaking to the person engaged in acts of disobedience or the innovator. Salaams aren’t given to the person engaged in acts of disobedience or the innovator.

3.  Question: If man has an excuse and prays in his house and his wife prays with him, does she call the Iqamah?

Answer : If a woman prays with her husband he calls the iqamah for the prayer. She follows him in the prayer. She doesn’t have to call the iqamah. Her husband is the imam and he calls the iqamah. She prays behind him and not next to him.

4. Question: Can a pregnant woman combine her prayers due to tiredness and nausea?

Answer: Only the person who is extremely sick can combine the prayers. It’s has been legislated for her to pray the prayers in their fixed times. The one very ill can combine the prayers. This woman must seek Allah’s help and pray the prayers in their prescribed timings and not delay them. The prayers have a major importance and perhaps they  will be a reason for the removal of her ills.


5. Question:  If a person commits zina in a country where the punishment isn’t established, is it enough for him to repent? Or must he travel to a land where the penalty can be imposed?

Answer:  He conceals this fault as Allah has concealed it. He repents to Allah sincerely and he doesn’t need to go to another country.

6. Question:  what is the ruling for describing the kufar as animals; such as apes and dogs?

Answer: The description of Kafir is enough and Allah knows best.

7. Question: How do we reply to a Mushrik that says to us “ As-Salaamu Alaykum?”

    Answer: Say “Salaams to the one that follows guidance”

8. Question: Is it permissible to accept birthday gifts from a disbeliever?

    Answer: No, don’t accept gifts on the birthday. Don’t accept gifts from the kuffar for that occasion as this might serve as an encouragement for them for their occasions of falsehood. So don’t accept gifts from them on that day, but at other times no problem. The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon) was given gifts from Kuffar and he accepted them. If the Muslim accepts birthday gifts from the Kuffar this means he acknowledges the celebration of his birthday and this is Haraam. Questioner : not clear……..

9. Question: Is it permissible to have an abortion before the fetus reaches forty days as the baby is a child of zina?

Answer: No it is not. Regardless of whether the child is a baby of zina or not, however  if there is an critical need such as an illness of  some sort, then it’s okay for her to abort the fetus forty days  before it becomes a morsel of flesh.

10. Question: Is it permissible for a man to hold is wife’s hand in the streets in front of people?

Answer: If he fears for his wife and she is covered islamically correct and he fears that she might  be inflicted  by harm  from cars or crowds, then he can take her hand. And there is no harm in doing so, no shame and no sin. On the other hand holding hands for play and enjoyment then this is not permissible in front of people.

Translated and compiled by Abu Aaliyah Abdullah ibn Dwight Lamont Battle

Doha, Qatar



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