The Sunnah of Prophet Musa to remove Fear and Fright

Allah told Musa in Surah Al-Qasas (32)

وَاضْمُمْ إِلَيْكَ جَنَاحَكَ مِنَ الرَّهْبِ فَذَانِكَ بُرْهَانَانِ مِن رَّبِّكَ

” And draw your hand close to your side to be free from fear (that which you suffered from the snake, and also by that your hand will return to its original state). these are two Burhan (signs, miracles, evidences, proofs) from your Lord…”

Key points about this subject:

Ibn Abbass ( Radi Allahu An hu) said:  When every person afraid places his hand on his chest  his fear will vanish. (Al-Bagawai in Tafsir)

Mujahid said about the verse, ” And draw your hand close to your side to be free from fear. “ means to be free from being afraid or frightened.

Qatadah said : ” To be free from being scared

scared copy (1)

Ibn Jarir At-Tabari : ” The apparent  meaning is very general . Allah ordered Musa (alayhi salam) when he became afraid from something to place his hand on his side. Therefore, when he placed his hand on his heart, the fear his was feeling disappeared. Perhaps, if  a person does this act following the way of Musa, and places his hand on his heart, then it would remove the feeling or fear that he feels-insha Allah. And in Allah we trust. (Tafsir Ibn Kathir)

 The Legislation- The Shari’ah – of the Prophets (alayhimus Salam) before us is a legislation for us, as long as it doesn’t contradict our legislation with three conditions.

        1.  It is affirmed through authentic sources that this is a legal act for the nations before us from the Quran and the  Sunnah.

        2.  There isn’t anything mentioned in our legislation which doesn’t support it, but if there is something mentioned in     our Shariah, which supports this act then no doubt it  is legislation for us as well.

         3. There isn’t anything mentioned in our legislation which abrogates it or makes it null and void. What is known is that this doesn’t apply to the fundamentals of our religion or in issues of Aqeedah, because of all the Prophets agreed on these topics. (refer to Minhatur Radayyah by Shakh Muhammad Adam vol 2 pg 211-218)

Translated and compiled by Abu Aaliyah Adbullah ibn Dwight Battle

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