The Verdict on Hanging Quran Verses on the Wall

By the Noble Imam Muhammad Ibn Salih Al-Uthaymeen(May Allah enter him in Jannah)

Questioner: What is the verdict for hanging verses from the Quran on the wall?

The Shaykh: What is the reason for hanging these verses?

Questioner: for decoration or…!!

The Shaykh: For decoration!! If that’s the only reason, then Allah’s verses have been taken as an object of ridicule. How can the noble Quran that was revealed as a cure for the sick heart and admonition be placed on a wall for decoration?!!

Another female questioner: Then what about hanging those seeking blessings?

The Shaykh: Has anything been reported that the Salaf used to hang the ayat seeking blessing (in that action for that place)??

Questioner: No nothing has been reported. We are successors. Whatever was sufficient for our predecessors is sufficient for us.

The Shaykh : Give me another reason

Questioner: Can we hang it up as a reminder then?

The Shaykh: The people who will sit in that place will they remind each other of Allah by reading those verses!! The answer is no, except a few, if any.

The Shaykh: Give me another reason.

Questioner: Then how about as protection from the Jinn?

The Shaykh : Is there a text that mentions the Salaf used to hang verses on the wall for protection from the jinn?!! No. And if the salaf didn’t travel this road are we going to travel this path?!!

The fact of the matter is that this action is an innovation. And apart from that it is a kind of improper treatment and disrespect of the Quran. For example one of the verses hung reads” Don’t back bite each other” then in that gathering there are people eating the flesh of their brothers!! This is mockery.

And for that reason I advise every one that finds somebody hanging verses on his/her wall , or other places to advise them saying, “ My brother the Quran hasn’t be appointed for that reason.”  And another example is when we hear the Quran playing on the telephone while we are on hold. “There is absolutely no deity worthy of worship, but Allah.” is read and then a disbeliever or hypocrite hears that becomes irritated while waiting. Hence you become the reason for his dislike for the Quran. Furthermore for that reason as well, I recommend the person while on hold on the telephone and hears the Quran to advise that person to remove it. Finally, sometimes a column from Quran is read where a person should stop, and a person might read from that column cutting the verse’s meaning, unsure if it is the beginning or the connection to another verse before it.

Silsilatu leeqah Babul Maftuh tape 198

The Shaykh(May Allah have mercy on him) was asked a similar question again.

Questioner: What is the ruling on writing verses from the Quran on walls of the Masjids?

Answer: Writing verses from Quran whether on Masjids’ walls or other places is an innovation. The companions didn’t paint or engrave any verses of the Quran on their walls. Additionally, engraving Allah’s verses on walls is a type of disrespect for His speech. For example we find some verses written in way for a castle, minaret, or masjid. In other words they write these ayat like they are decorating a palace! And no doubt this is mockery of Allah’s book. And even if these words were painted on the walls were the people could understand them, then know that this action isn’t one from the Salaf.

What are the benefits of writing Allah’s verses on the wall?!!

Some people say they serve as a reminder for the people!!

We say: A reminder is verbally, not written. Sometimes you find the verse on a wall that says, “ Don’t backbite each other.” And underneath there are backbiters talking. Hence this is taking Allah’s words as a joke. In conclusion writing verses from the Quran on a wall of a masjid or any other wall is an unknown practice of the salaf, so it’s an innovation.

Silsilatu leeqah Babul Maftuh tape 719

Translated by: Abu Aaliyah Abdullah ibn Dwight Lamont Battle

Doha, Qatar 19/4/1429 ©


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