Be a Caller to Allah’s Religion 

By : Shaykh Salih ibn Abdul Aziz Al- Ash-Shaykh

This is an excellent essay for a every Muslim desiring to good for humanity. I highlighted some important points from this  book for practical tips for preachers in every part of the World to act by .

1: Calling to Allah’s deen is an enormous task. Allah has favored some of His slaves with this job.

2: Allah orders us to call to His religion : Invite to the way of your Lord (An-Nahl 125)

3: Allah orders us to be upright callers: So unto this (religion of Islam, alone and this Qur’an) then invite (people) (O Muhammad ), and Istaqim [(i.e. stand firm and straight on Islamic Monotheism by performing all that is ordained by Allah (good deeds, etc.), and by abstaining from all that is forbidden by Allah (sins and evil deeds, etc.)] Ash-Shura 15

4: The caller receives countless rewards. The person who follows the correct call to Islam earns the caller a reward.Ex. The person who teaches his family how to pray and orders it earns a reward, like the one praying.

5:  Before a person becomes a caller he must have knowledge, but doesn’t mean that he must be a scholar. The caller mustn’t call to anything until he has learned what he invites others to practice and has evidence.

6: The caller inviting others to avoid sins, must know the Islamic verdict for these sins with proof.

7: Surathul Ankabut is known as Surahtul Fitnah.

8: Allah mentioned Nuh’s story in Surahtul Fitnah to show that any person who calls to Allah’s path will be tested and trialed by others.


9: The caller isn’t concerned with people accepting, rejecting, or if his dawah had an impact or not, but rather he corrects his own speech and actions.

10: Gaining followers isn’t the callers main concern.

11: Allah allows people to accept the caller’s invitation as a favor for the caller.

12: The origin of every callers’ call is to Tawheed

13: The callers’ main reference points for his call are :1) Quran  2)Sunnah  3) actions of the Salaf  4) Ijma 

14: The caller must always have his resources ready at hand, i.e books, tapes, Cd’s pamphlets etc.

15: The caller must always be sincere in his dawah

16: The caller must address the people at their proper level of understanding. He mustn’t address them in issues he thinks they need to hear. When he addresses the people in that manner, he has no impact, and when he talks it is as if he’s talking to himself.

17: The caller to Allah’s path must place a great importance on the Sunnah of the Prophet (SallAllahu alayhi wasalam) The Sunnah is needed for the people to know how to eat, sleep, drink ,walk and every dealing of their lives.

18: Zad Al-Ma’ad by Ibn Al-Qayyim is an excellent reference
book for learning the Sunnah and how to apply it in every aspect of our lives.

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