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By Shaykh Badr ibn Ali Al-Utaybi (may Allah preserve him)

Manager of Dawah and Guidance Office in Ta’if , K.S.A

Shaykh Salih ibn Abdil Azeez Al-Ashaykh recommends Sh. Badr


Question: Shaykh in the West it is quite common and acceptable among the Muslims who ascribe themselves to Salafiyyah to take logos from the Kuffar and add Salafi  or  Salafiyyah to them, or change some of the words.i.e Seasame Street to Salafi street and others. Is this acceptable and should a Salafy do this ?

Answer : The brother (Abu Aaliyah Abdullah ibn Dwight Battle) displayed to me some pictures that some  brothers have made. May Allah guide us and them.

Brothers are making use of various logos that unintelligent people use like Superman and Face book then developing them as Salafi logos by writing underneath the words Salafi or words similar.

We as Muslims don’t have these kind logos, slogans and catchphrases. We are characterized by the Shahadah. Allah has distinguished us with prayer, zakah, fasting and Hajj. These logos which are written and copied from the people of misguidance and disbelief aren’t from Islam.

It’s not permissible for our salafy brothers to take these kinds of photos and use them as a sign for Salafiyyah in their lectures, classes or on their webpages. Doing this act is a form of imitating the Kuffar and polytheists. Allah and His Messenger (sallAllahu alayhi wa salam) has prohibited us from imitating the Kuffar and the Polytheists. And Allah knows best.

Brotherly advice from Abu Aaliyah Abdullah 

This campaign aims to raise awareness of the dangers of using the branded logos of disbelievers to be identified as “ A Salafy “.The question should have been asked , Is it from the Minhaj of the Salaf to use signs, logos  and slogans of the Kuffar  with the word “ Salafi “ ?

Some signs of a Salafy Muslim are his Prayer in congregation  five times a day,the Eid and Jumu’ah,  the adhan, Fasting, Hajj and Umrah. These acts identify us for who we are.  As a principle of our loyalty to correct practices we must always complete knowledge before action.

Lastly, aren’t these logos copyright protected?!!

Translated by :

Abu Aaliyah Abdullah ibn Dwight Battle


Audio available upon request.

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