3 Abandoned Sunnat for Witr in Ramadan

1. The Qunoot is to be left off in the first half of Ramadan if the prayer is in congregation with the people. This is indeed an abandoned Sunnah, and unknown to many.

عن ابن سيرين قال : كان أبي يقوم للناس على عهد عمر في رمضان ، فإذا كان النصف جهر بالقنوت بعد الركعة ، فإذا تمت عشرون ليلة انصرف إلى أهله ، وقام للناس أبو حليمة معاذ القارئ وجهر بالقنوت في العشر الاواخر

Ibn Seereen said:  “ Ubay used to lead the people in prayer during the time of Umar (may Allah be pleased with him) in Ramadan. When the half of Ramadan passed he would do Qunoot aloud after the Rak’ah. And when the twenty night of Ramadan passed, he would go to his family. Then Abu Haleemah Mu’adh would lead the people in prayer. He performed the Qunoot during the last ten days of Ramadan” [Musanaf Abdur Razzaq 7724. Hasan Lee Ghayree hi]

نافع ان ابن عمر كان لايقنت في الوترالا في النصف من رمضان

Naf’I narrated that Ibn Umar didn’t peform qunoot in the witr prayer until the middle of Ramadan. [ Al-Bayhaqi in Kubara 2/498 the isnad is Saheeh]

2. From the abandoned Sunnat is to pronounce the takbir before and after the Qunoot when making Qunoot before the Ruku.

إبراهيم قال إذا فرغت من القراءة فكبر ثم إذا فرغت فكبر واركع.

Ibrahim said, “ When you have finished reciting the Quran say Takbir. Then (after the Qunoot) say Takbir and bow.” [ Ibn Abee Shaybah 2/ 307]

Muhammad Bazmoul (may Allah bless him) said, “ It’s authentically reported that Umar ibn Khattab, Ali, and Bara’ used to say takbir before the Qunoot when making it before the Rak’ah in qunoot al-Nawazil at Fajr.

It’s legislated that if a person wants to do Qunoot in witr, he should say Takbir after he reads the Quran. He says, “ Allahu Akbar”. Before the Qunoot and after. This is an abandoned sunnah today, except the one Allah has mercy on.

3. It’s permissible to raise the hands with the Qunoot supplication, to leave them down at the sides, or to raise the hands for the first part and leave them down for the last part..

إبراهيم أن ابن مسعود كان يرفع يديه في الوتر ثم يرسلهما بعد

Ibrahim narrated that Ibn Masu’d used to raise his hands during witr then lower them.” [Musanf Abdur Razzaq 7952. Isnad Saheeh]

Muhammad Bazmoul (May Allah preserve him) said: “It’s legislated to raise the hands during the Qunoot or leave them at your side. It’s also legislated to raise the hands at the beginning then lower them at the end. These acts have been authentically reported on the sahabah(may Allah be pleased with them all). Therefore all of these acts are permissible to practice.


Taken from Ahadeeth and Atharr about Qunootil witr, by Muhammad ibn Umar Bazmoul

Translated by Abu Aaliyah ibn Dwight Lamont Battle Sr.

Doha, Qatar, the blessed Gulf

1431 H ©

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