Aphrodisiacs in Islam

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم


aph·ro·dis·i·ac :ˌafrəˈdizēˌak,afrəˈdēzēˌak/ (noun)

a food, drink, or drug that stimulates sexual desire.

Synonyms: love potion, philter; informal passion potion

We praise Allah the Most High and we Ask Him for His Mercy and Forgiveness. We Ask Allah to send peace and blessings on our Prophet. The topic about maintaining a marriage through healthy sex is often neglected or rumored to be too provocative or perverted. The books of Fiqh from the Salaf discussed what’s halal and Haraam in relations, but there are some contemporary issues that weren’t discussed. Today we live in an overly sexed driven world. Everywhere you look and turn; there it is in your face; objects and images that arouse you. The struggles against these temptations require patience and Taqwa and the survival from them are found in marriage. Marriage is agreement between a male and a female. Both genders have a role to play towards Allah and each other. There are rights that must be fulfilled from the husband towards his wife and one of those rights is the sexual satisfaction.

Unfortunately, some men are unable to satisfy their wives and this has resulted in some strife between them. The issue of impotency goes unaddressed for men due to their shame or  their pride. A couple of years ago when men were taking Rhino Max, and black ant, drinking ginger and eating large amounts seafood, I decided to search for something in specific about this subject. Through Allah’s mercy I found a Fatwa from Sheikh Muhammad Al-Ferkous and a book dedicated to the topic:” أحكام الإتصال الجنسي  بأستخدام الوسائل الحديثة   “[ Verdicts for Sexual Contact  using Modern Methods],by Salih ibn Sa’d Al-Husan, revised by Al-Alamah Abdullah Aqeel.

The modern methods of Aphrodisiacs are; Pneumatic pumps, creams, pills and sprays.

I ask Allah that this small translation and compilation serves as a benefit to the Muslim body around the World.



Pneumatic pumps

Question: Is it permissible to take pills or use pneumatic pumps for male sexual dysfunction? Also is it allowed for males to take tablets to delay the ejaculation during sex?

Answer: There’s no harm in using pneumatic pumps or taking pills for impotency along with tablets to help with an ejaculation dysfunction; as long as this doesn’t result in any harmful Side effects or complications on the body and the health. However a doctor specializing in this area of medicine needs to be consulted first and the patient, who is seeking this kind of treatment, must have the intention that his actions are being done for the  love and  the preservation of his marriage. Allah said: And among His Signs is this, that He created for you wives from among yourselves, that you may find repose in them, and He has put between you affection and mercy. Verily, in that are indeed signs for a people who reflect.[Ar-Rum:21]

The husband must also have the desire to sexual please his wife ,so that she doesn’t miss out on her legislated rights in Islam.[1]

Skin cream

There is a kind of cream and lotion that’s applied to the penis right before intercourse that circulates to the blood vessels causing blood to flow in the penis. Also there are sprays which are good, but some complications may occur with women during penetration and with the ointment.


There are various kinds of pills and the most common pill taken today is Viagra. The name Viagra is a compound noun of two words, (vigor) which means strength and (Niagra) which refers to the waterfalls on the Canadian border with the USA. This place was known to newlyweds for their honey moon. Viagra is taken in dosages of 25, 50, or 100 milligrams. It normally goes into effect within an hour or less.

The verdict on buying and selling Viagra

Shaykh Salih Al-Husan said: There isn’t anything wrong with buying and selling Viagra as long as the following conditions are met;

  1. The distributor must be licensed to sell this medicine from the ministry of Health.·

2. The prescription can only be given to a person who has a recommendation of a doctor from a clinic or from a hospital. ·

3. There mustn’t be any unlawful ingredients in the pill.·

4. The pill can only be sold to a married person.

The Verdict for using Viagra

The Hanafees don’t believe it’s permissible have injections to increase sexual potency. And they hold the opinion that a physical done for pleasures and desires isn’t a required need. Nonetheless, what’s apparent is it’s allowed to take this tablet with the following requisites;

  •   Islam allows treating illness.

An objective of the Shar’iah to preserve the lineage and honor and family union. Taking these kinds of pills help fulfill those goals. For example a man suffers from erectile dysfunction isn’t able to have kids or satisfy his wife’s desires except through these pills. Having a large amount of children is a command from the Prophet.(ﷺ) Islam gives the man and the woman the right to satisfy their sexual desires through marriage.

By preventing these kinds of stimulants causes harm and can lead a person to unlawful sexual actions, divorce or an annulment of a marriage, which tears apart the household.The doctor examining the private parts of a man to determine if he needs an injection, use the pump or take pills is bad, but the good obtained through this act outweighs the evil. Having children, preserving the honor and the continuation of a marriage remove the evils, and whenever there are two evils in a situation you always give priority to the one with lesser harm. And taking this medicine removes the harm of a barren marriage and divorce. For that reason is there is no harm for the person to take this pill since  the good that results from it are superior, so it’s permissible.·

  • The spouse’s purpose for taking this medication is to protect himself and his wife from infidelity and to have children and remain married.
  • The person taking Viagra must need to do so.
  • The person mustn’t be unmarried at the time the prescription is issued.
  •   Taking Viagra mustn’t be harmful to the wife. For instance his sex drive goes into overdrive and this becomes harmful to the wife, so he looks for other means to satisfy his sexual appetite, by either masturbation or Zina. If this occurs then this makes taking  the pill Haraam, since it leads to Haraam.
  • The pills mustn’t be manufactured from Islamically unlawful ingredients. i.e pork fat or blood.·
  • Taking this pill doesn’t cause any harm to the wife.·
  • This pill is only given after consultation of the doctor and he recommends it.

Can the husband be forced to take Aphrodisiacs? 

Shaykh Salih Al-Husan said: There’s no apparent proof that allows a person to force another to take aphrodisiacs and this is based on two ideas;

1-    None of the previous scholars spoke about it and natural aphrodisiacs like honey existed during their era.

2-    This is making something obligatory on someone that the Shar;iah didn’t. Although if a judge advises a man to do it after consulting a doctor then this is a good thing. Then again to force the husband to take this pill requires evidence from the Quran and the Sunnah. If a man is unable to have sex with his wife then she has the right to have their marriage annulled. [3]

The Shariah gives us the choice to remedy any illnesses we have through herbal medicine or prescriptions. The guidelines for using, selling and buying  prescriptions should  be followed as mentioned in this paper, and this serves in the best interest of the man’s health and  to avoid anything that might cause harm. There really isn’t too much discussed about using herbal aphrodisiacs as they are natural, however a person needs to apply the general rule in Fiqh , “ There shouldn’t be any harm or anything that causes harm”. In other words it’s permissible to use natural things from the earth that are Halal as long as their usage isn’t harmful on a person’s health. And Allah the Most High knows best.

Prepared by Abu Aaliyah Abdullah ibn Dwight Battle

Doha, Qatar 1437©


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[2] Viagra and Cialis are both prescription drugs for sexual dysfuntion

[3] b “[ Verdicts for Sexual Contact  using Modern Methods],by Salih ibn Sa’d Al-Husan, revised by Al-Alamah Abdullah Aqeel. Pages 139-150

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