FAQ’s about the Shia Doctrine

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم


  1. When did the Shia Cult appear?


The Shia sect appeared by a Jewish man named Abdullah bin Saba’. He was a hypocrite who claimed he loved the Prophet’s household and was fanatical towards Ali ibn Abee Talib. Abdullah ibn Saba’ alleged that Ali was supposed to be the Caliph after the Prophet through a will. His fanaticism towards Ali lead him to raise Ali to the status of Lordship that only Allah has.


  1. Why are the Shia called Rafidha ?

They are called Rafidha because a group of them went to Zayd ibn Ali ibnul Hussain and asked him to free himself from Abu Bakr and Umar in order to be with them, but he refused and told them that they are companions of his grandfather. For that answer they replied to him saying, “We reject you “ and that is how they earned the name Rafidha.

That’s the claim from one of their Imams called Al-Majlisee; however there are other claims that explain how they earned their name. Some of those include the fact they reject the Caliph of Abu Bakr and Umar ,and others say they reject the deen  and Sunnah.

  1. How  many factions are the Rafidha divided into?

The books of Aqeedah mention that the Rafidha have divided into more than 73 sects. Even the hadith about 73 sects, then the Rafidha says it  applies to them being the saved the sect.

  1. What are the Shia beliefs about Allah’s Attributes?

The Rafidha are the first to mention “ Tajseem” . Ibn Taymiyyah mentioned some of the senior scholars of Rafidha; Hisham ibn Al-Hakam, Hisham ibn Salim, Yunus ibn Abdir Rahman and Abu Ja’far. All of these scholars follow the doctrine of Jahmiyyah.

The Rafidha say Allah isn’t described with time, with place, with how, movement or anything connected to a body. The Rafidha denies Allah’s descends , they say the Quran is created, and they deny Allah will be seen in the Next life.

  1. What is the Shia’s belief towards the Quran that Allah said He would protect?

The Rafidha say the Quran that we read isn’t the Quran that was revealed to Muhammad. They say the Quran has been changed. There are some verses missing and others have been deleted. The majority of Hadith scholars from the Shia believe that the wording the Quran has been distorted.

  1. How do the Shia feel about the Prophet’s companions.

The Rafidha’s belief about the companions is built on cursing, slander, and deeming them apostate. Al-Kulayni ,a Shia scholar of hadith said, “All of the companions of the Prophet(ﷺ)went apostate except for three;Al-Miqdad ibn Al-Aswad, Abu Dharr,and Salman Al-Farisee.

  1. Can you mention some of the ways the Jews and the Shia resemble each other?

Ibn Taymiyyah said : The test for the Jews and Rafidha is the Jews say only the Family of David can rule and likewise the Rafidah say only the children of Ali can rule.

The Jews say there is no Jihad until the Dajjal emerges and the Rafidha say there isn’t no Jihad until the Mahdi appears and voices calls out from the sky.

The Jews and Rafidha both delay the prayer until the stars appear.  The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said: My community will remain well, or he said: will remain on its natural condition, so long as it would not delay the evening prayer until the stars shine brightly just like a network.[1]

The Jews distort and change the meaning of the Torah and similarly the Rafidha do the same with the Quran.

The Jews and Rafidha don’t allow wiping over footwear.

The Jews hate Jibril and the Rafidha say he was wrong for giving revelation to Muhammad.

Additionally, the Rafidha follow the Christians in some aspects of their religion. They don’t give their women Dowries for marriage and they believe in temporary marriages.

  1. What do the Shia believe about their Imans?

The Shia believe that their Imans are infallible and know the unseen.

The Shia take whatever their Imams say is Halal to be Halal and whatever they say is Haraam is prohibited.

  1. What do they Shia say about reincarnation?


The Shia invented a Bid’ah called reincarnation. Al-Mufeed said: “The Imams all agree that reincarnation is a must for most of the deceased.


  1. What is Taqiyyah ?

Taqiyyah according to Shia doctrine is saying or doing something contradictory to what you really believe in order to repel harm from yourself or  your property ,or to protect your honor.

The Shia claim the Prophet(ﷺ) did it. They allege that when the leader of the hypocrites, Abdullah ibn Abee Salul died the Prophet offered his funeral prayer and Umar questioned him saying, “Didn’t Allah prohibit this action?” Therefore the Prophet (ﷺ) responded to him saying, Do you know what you are talking about?”, I asked Allah to fill his throat with fire, fill his grave with the fire and burn him in Hell.”

Look at how they lie on the Prophet! Is it even conceivable that the Prophet cursed a hypocrite and his companions asked him for mercy?!

  1. What is the blessed mud ?

The Shia believe that the dirt from the grave of Al-Hussain is a cure for everything. In fact some of the Shia say place the dirt from the grave of Al-Hussain in the mouths of your newborns.



  1. How do the Shia feel about Ahlus Sunnah ?

The Rafidha’s Aqeedah is the blood, wealth and life of Ahlus Sunnah are all Halal for them. What’s more is the Shia think that the disbelief of Ahlus Sunnah is worse than the disbelief of the  Jews and the Christians. They say the Jews and the Christians disbelief is at the origin,but Ahlus Sunnah is worse because they went apostate.

  1. What do the Rafidha say about Mut’a ?

Mut’a is a temporary marriage that was abrogated; however the Shia believe that Mut’a is one of the highest forms of faith. Fathullah Al-Kashanee said: “Mut’a is from our deen and whoever denies it rejects our religion. Moreover, rejecting it means a person is practicing a religion other than ours. The Children from a Mut’a marriage is better than the children of a long term marriage. The person who rejects the Mut’a is an infidel.[2]

  1. What are the holy sites according to Shia doctrine?

The Shia consider the graves of their Imans and leaders to be sacred. They say Kufa, Karabala, and Qum are sacred.. They say Karbala is more sacred the Mecca.

  1. What is the Shias’ stance towards Muslim rulers around the World ?

The Shia consider every leader or government that doesn’t follow the 12 Imans is false. They say it’s not permissible to obey a ruler who wasn’t sanctioned by Allah ,except through Taqiyyah.

  1. What do the Shia think about the 10th of Muharram and its virtue?

The Shia hold parties, mock funerals, and wail in the streets. On the 10th of Muharram they hold protests in the streets and at designated squares. They wear black as a sign of mourning for Al-Hussain. They believe the first 10 days of this month has virtue, so they beat themselves over their cheeks, backs and chests.

May Allah guide us to follow the Sunnah and die upon him . I ask Allah to let people see falsehood for what it truly is and avoid it, and to recognize the truth as it is and follow it.



Taken from  “ من عقائد الشيعة  “ by Abdullah ibn Muhammad  and reviwed by Imam  Abdul Aziz bin Baz[ يرحمه الله  ]

Arranged and prepared by;

Abu Aaliyah Abdullah ibn Dwight Battle

Doha, Qatar 1438H ©


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An upcoming read on the Gazette for every preacher of Islam living among non-Muslims and has non-Muslim relatives.

[1] Sunnan Abu Dawud

[2] Minhajul Saadiqeen/pg 356


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