These are the first 9 classes of an on-going class held every Friday at Masjid Nu’man bin Affan in Dukhan,Qatar

1. The importance of Iman and the Pillars of Islam along with the number of branches of faith.

2. This brief  reminder focuses on the importance of avoiding harming other Muslims physically or verbally.

3. This reminder focuses on the social interaction between Muslims and care and concern Muslims must have for each others well-being.

4.This reminder focuses of the ways to attain the sweetness of faith in the heart .

5.This reminder covers how we should feel about the Companions of the Prophet and the cardinal  sins that must be avoided.

6.This reminder teaches the Muslim how to safeguard and protect his faith and the importance of practicing good deeds.

7.This reminder focuses on the dangers of sinning eventhough Iman is present and how modesty prevents one from sinning.

8. This reminder covers the importance of the prayer and Zakah after the Shahadah.

9. this reminder discusses the difference between a Muslim and Mu’min.

10.This reminder focuses on the types of Kufr and sins along with equal treatment of Muslims

11. This reminder focuses on the Muslims fighting each other and the various kinds of oppression

12. This reminder looks at the difference between a Muslim and Mu’min

13. This reminder looks at hypocrisy

14. This reminder focuses on the importance offering sunnah prayers  in Islam

15.This reminder focuses on the importance of being moderate in worshiping Allah.

16. This reminder focuses on the benefit of following a Janazah

17. The Final class- this reminder focuses on sincerity and wisdom of Imam Al-Bukhari

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