The Mind Control Network for The Abu Khadijites [ SPUBS]

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم



CULT HIERARCHY of  Salafi Publications

Founder and leader of Abu Khadijites cult  aka [Salafi publications]: Waheed Alam aka Walam aka Abu Abdillah Abdul Wahid Ar-Ray (Ar-Rain) aka Abu Khadeejah

(Founded in Birmingham, UK circa 1996)


Speaking ill about one of the students of knowledge, who is well known worldwide, speaking about our noble brother and our teacher Abu Khadeejah Abdul-Waahid, speaking ill about him is speaking ill about the Sunnah, and attacking the Sunnah of the messenger of Allaah (SallAllaahu Alayhi wa Sallam) plus it willl bring about a lot of corruption when you speak ill about the like of this noble brother, the mujahid, jazaahoullahou khairan for his efforts, speaking ill about him, then you are going to turn the people away from khair, This is not permissible for someone to speak ill about the like (sic) of Abu Khadeejah…So if someone speaks about our brother, our teacher, the mujahid Abu Khadeejah, then he is a man of desire, that is what I have to say about him”                                                                         

 (Transcript and excerpt of audio of Sa’eed Rhana U.S)

  Here are a few extracts from different books of Ibn Taymiyyah that will clarify to the reader what this sort of statement is about:

 “Whoever brings up an individual – other than the Messenger of Allah (SallAllaahu Alayhi wa Sallam) and claims that whoever loves this individual and agrees with him, then he is from Ahl us-Sunnah wal-Jamaáh, and whoever disagrees with him is from the people of bid’ah and furqah, as is the case with the different groups amongst the followers of the imams of kalaam and other, then he is from the people of bida’ and misguidance and division.” Majmoo Al fatawa vol 3


“As for the head of the hizb, he is the head of the group that makes tahahzzub i.e. it turns itself into a hizb. If they are united upon what Allah and His messenger ordered without addition or omission, then they are believers they are entitled to what believers are entitled to and they are to abide by what the believers have to abide by. But if they have added or omitted from this, like the “ta’assub” to whoever enters their hizb be it upon right or wrong, or turning away from whoever doesn’t enter their hizb, be he upon right or wrong, then this is from the splitting that Allah and his messenger (SallAllaahu Alayhi wa Sallam) have blamed. For verily, Allah and His Messenger (SallAllaahu Alayhi wa Sallam) have ordered with unity and forbade splitting and diverging, and ordered to cooperate upon good and piety and forbade to cooperate upon sin and transgression.” Majmoo Al fatawa vol 11/29



Amjad Rafiq, Abu Iyaad, Propaganda minister, “the mini-ibnTaymiyyah” & formerly known during his Essex University days as “Mawdoodi.” He is the cult’s primary website gatekeeper, more commonly known for his prolific diatribes against perceived opponents (i.e. anyone that disagrees with the SP cult or, in the case of Scholars and/or students of knowledge, realizes its reality and criticises it).



Senior Lieutenants UK

  1. Bilal Davis Abu ‘Paul’ Hakeem: Leader of cult masjid in Aston,
  2. Abu Maryam T of Salafi Sounds: Ardent cult representative and member
  3. Abu Junaide: SP/Abu Khadijite bodyguard, known for violence against fearful/weaker perceived opponents
  4. Bilal ‘Pie’ Hussein: Makkan representative and member tasked with getting close to the Baazmools
  5. Abdul Hameed Alam: Abu Khadijah’s (the cult leader’s) brother and school governor
  6. Abu Tasneem Mushaf: Bengali ardent cult member
  7. Abu Fudayl Abdur Raqeeb: Cult bodyguard known for violence; He studied in Yemen with Hassan-Somali
  8. Yunus Abu Hammad Yunus Plummer: Bodyguard known for violence
  9. Abu Sufyaan Abdul Kareem McDowell: Now silenced but ardent cult representative
  10. Abu ‘Ubaydah Amr Bashir: SP/Abu Khadijite cult member since its inception
  11. Abu Umar Faarooq: Deceased
  12. Abu Idrees: Madinah Graduate
  13. Abu Muadh Taqweem Aslam: Madinah Graduate, Northern UK gatekeeper, based in Nelson
  14. Abdul Ilaah: Slough Gatekeeper
  15. Uways Taweel: Member of Masjid ibn Baaz, ardent cult member originally from Bristol but currently a PhD candidate in Madinah University
  16. Farhat Abbas, Abu Yahya: Studied and graduated at Madina University – Tacit supporter
  17. Abu Ishaaq Nadeem Ahsan Shah: Studied and graduated at Madina University – Tacit supporter


 Level 2 Abu Khadijite / SP cult adherents & footsoldiers

These ardent cult members are, amongst others, those used to directly control areas at the behest of cult leader Waheed Alaam whilst based in Birmingham.

  1. Shoorah of Bradford: Masjid as-Sunnah and Al-Makatbatul-Baseerah (Headed by Waheed Alaam & Amjad Rafiq); Bashart M Bostan(Captain & ardent cult member); Saalim Abu Humayd (studied in Riyadh and was tasked with getting close to Shaykh Fawzan, along with Abu Khadijite/SP cult member, Abu ‘Ubaydah Amr Bashir; Wasim Khan (Headmaster of Al-Baseerah); Abu Ibraahim Ma’roof Mohammad, trustee and cult member, Rayhaan Ali (Trustee).


  1. Manchester Salaficentre: Abu Muawiyyah Abdulaah Jallow (aka Abdullaah Gambi ibn Abu Bakr)

Formerly, Muraad al Jazaa’irees adherent and cult devotee in Manchester; now resident in Birmingham to serve under Abu Khadeejah’s command and preside over Manchester. He is known for his regular posts since early 2000’s of abhorrent and poisonous cult propaganda

  1. Bolton:


  1. East London; Also responsible for other London based cult outlets rest of London:

Sameer Debbazi, Studied in Madinah and fervent cult member; Uways Taweel (Based in Bristol, but in Madinah & admin for ibn Baaz); Awzaan ibn Badr Turki, aka Ozan ibn Bedir, formerly from East London; accountant for Bin Baaz Mosque, currently a resident in Birmingham dedicated to supporting Abu Khadijah’s hegemony over particular areas of London along with fervent cult member, Saeed Rahmet, trustee for bin Baaz,)  also part of Masjid Ibn Baaz / Athari Mosque Project Team; Abu Safiyyah Uthmaan; Abu Abdillaah Sa’eed; Abu Salamah Muhammad; Abu Saalih Waajid; Abu Ubaid Ozan Bedir; Abu Abi Bakr Na’eem:,

  1. Cranford, West London; Abu Zakiyyah Taqweem Ahsan,
  2. Sheperd’s Bush: Salaah al-Iraanee , Shamsud-Deen al-Jazaa’iree, (ardent cult member)
  3. Alperton; Abu Shayan Yasir Ali
  4. Oxford:
  5. Mazkaz Mu’aadh Ibn Jabal Slough

The administrators and teachers include: Abu Sarah Abdulilaah Lahmami (Ardent cult fanatic).,


  1. Cardiff, Wales: Masjid at-Tawheed: The administrators include Hasan as-Somali (known for violence against those considered vulnerable) and currently based in Philidelphia, USA; Ahmad al-Yemeni.


  1. Stoke-on-Trent: Masjid al-Furqaan and Islamic School: The administrators include Abu Abdur-Rahmaan Na’eem Bashir.


  1. Manchester: Al-Markaz As-Salafi: “Salafi centre” (The administrators and teachers include: Abu Mu’aadh Taqweem Aslam, Abu Muawiyyah Abdulaah Jallow (aka Abdullaah Gambi ibn Abu Bakr),

Formerly Muraad al Jazaa’irees follower/member  Abu Aa’isha Amjad (Cult cheerleader and author of poisonous posts online


  1. Reading: Al-Markaz As-Salafi: The administrators and teachers include: Abu Zayd Khaalid.


  1. Loughborough: Al-Markaz As-Salafi: The administrators include: Abu Ubaidillaah Faisal and Abu Unaysah.


  1. Bolton: Al-Masjid al-Hudaa: The administrators include: Abul-Haarith Basheer.


  1. Other cult influenced communities

16.1. Woolwich (SE London): Abu Adam Abshir

16.2. Tooting (South London): Abu Talhah Taahir

16.3. Liverpool (NW England): Abu Ameenah Yusuf

16.4. Leeds (West Yorkshire): Abu Ishaaq Basharat Bostan ardent cult fanatic

 (Captain of Bradford also),,

16.5. Oxford: Khalid as-Seenee.

16.6. Middlesbrough, Stockton (NE England): Abu Iyaad, Propaganda minister of SP cult .

16.7. Nelson (Lancashire NW): Abu Mu’aadh Taqweem.

16.8. Gloucester (South West): Abu Nusaybah Jamaalud-Deen, Abu Fudayl Abdur Raqeeb  (Khadijite / SP cult bodyguard known for violence, member who studied in Yemen with Hassan-Somali)








Incriminating words of propaganda minister Abu Iyaad, without any scholarly sanction to prevent

the SP cult blind followers attending Shaykh Sulaymaan Ruhaylee’s conference at MHBAY, East London, which SP cult leaders themselves did not attend.


SP cult satellites promoting unsanctioned warnings on Salafis


Question: Which of the SalafiEvents should we avoid? Is it or


Answer: Both must be avoided.


We don’t take knowledge from & it’s associates

Reality of & it’s associates






A reminder benefits the cult member.




We don’t take knowledge from & it’s associates.

Reality of & it’s associates

Explained by Ustādh Abu Iyaad Amjad Rafiq(@AbuIyaadSP) Hafizahullāh👇

*then it shows the article by Abu iyad*

Are you sure both?

Is not SalafiEvents different to SalafieventsUK


One is madeenahdotcon and the other one is what Abu Iyaad talked about above



List of SP cult crimes


Missionary network used to recruit into the cult throughout UK


Links to all venues missionaries seek to recruit into cult


To see the fanaticism, exclusivity, links and information control of this clear enclosed cult network, just click on the tweets of who they’re following and who follows the cult hierarchy. The leaders, followers (Abu Khadijites) at all levels repeat, regurgitate, retweet and export exclusively this cults’ propaganda via this cult network. Followers all over the world at all levels of ignorance via all forms of social media are free to add in their own commentary without any censure from cult leaders.


The above satellite affiliates of SP cult are then categorised and ranked by SP cult monitoring their adherence and promotion of SP cult propaganda. From this information the SP cult leaders can determine/sift who to promote, associate/disassociate, co-operate, ally, trust and use towards their cult aims. Global monitoring of “Salafi” communities are done through nefariously plotted cult leader surveys

( as to demographically target the most financially advantageous areas and also creates a frenzied battle for new initiates to gain recognition and prove themselves to cult leaders to aid their rise in cult hierarchy.


Fanatical loyalty, subservience and defence of the cult irrespective of how valid the criticisms directed towards the SP cult are rewarded by cult leaders in various forms such as marriage, jobs, positions in SP cult HQ, promotion in cult hierarchy, being mentioned on the microphone by name, travelling with cult leader to talks, invites to cult leaders home, given direct phone number of cult leader for easier control of cult member and many other cult mind control techniques. One can see all their self promoting business links to funnel their followers money into their pockets, one can easily discern cult patterns at all levels of the SP cult empire.



Cult propaganda poison spread worldwide via

The mind control cult Abu Khadijites network



Links to help free oneself from the mind control of the SP cult and it’s poisonous and divisive propaganda


Shaykh Muhammad Rabee’ EXPOSES SPUBS cult

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