Giving the Thumbs up when pleased with something

was the way of the Ahlul Hadith

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

There are narrations that  mentioned some of the Salaf used to give the thumbs signaling they were happy, amazed and accepted something. Ibn Ma-een in his history book recorded by Ad-Dowri mentioned three people who did it from Ahlil Hadith.

Ibn Ma’een said I heard Abu  Al-Abbass say Imam Ahmed was at Abee An-Nadr Haashim ibn Al-Qassim’s doorstep when he was asked about Musa ibn Ubaydah Ar-Rabathi and Muhammad ibn Ishaq.

Imam Ahmed replied: As for Muhammad ibn Ishaq then you can record his hadith in Al-Mughazi and similar. Now as for Musa ibn Ubaydah then he’s fine; however, he narrates weak hadith on Abdillah ibn Dinar by way of Ibn Umar on the Prophet [ﷺ].
 When the narrations about Halal and Haraam were mentioned we replied to the people by closing and balling up a fist with both hands and sticking up both thumbs. Ibn Ma-een mentioned that Abul Fadl and Abu Abbass both did this as well.[refer to #231]

In another narration, Ibn Ma-een mentioned in #1161, that when the narrations about Halal and Haraam were mentioned and Imam Ahmed liked and accepted them he would ball his fist up with both hands and give a thumbs up.

Translated by Abu Aaliyah Abdullah ibn Dwight Battle

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