Sahih Al-Bukhari ” The Book of Faith ” Explained by Shaikh Abdul Aziz Ar-Rajhi


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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

All Praises belong to Allah Lord of The Worlds. We Ask Allah for His Mercy and Forgiveness and We ask Him to send His Peace and Blessings on the final last Messenger.

Imam Al-Bukhari began his collection of Sahih Hadith with the chapter of Revelation since this is where Islam began. Allah sent Muhammad as the seal of the Messengers and gave him legislation. It’s through Revelation that Allah guides people from darkness to light. Following this Imam Al-Bukhari mentioned the book of Iman(faith); as it is the foundation and the principle that actions are built on. There’s no action without intention and no actions without faith. The greatest part of Revelation is the belief in Allah and His Messenger.

The origin of Iman is the affirmation in the heart. This is connected with actions in Heart and on the body. For that reason, Imam Al-Bukhari said: “Faith is speech and actions”. This is the correct view as proven from the various texts he mentioned in this chapter. Imam Al-Bukhari mentioned numerous chapters in this book that prove faith must be accompanied with speech and actions. This is the belief of Ahlus Sunnah. Unlike the Murji’a who believe that actions aren’t included in Iman and this is incorrect. There are about 39 chapters in this book  that mention Allah made actions a part of Imam.

Imam Al-Bukhari in Kitabul Imam detailed and defined the four schools of thought about Iman;

1-   Al-Khawarij and the Mu’tazilah who believe actions are a part of faith, and the Khawariji believe the major sinners are in Hell.

2-   The Mu’tazilah don’t consider the major sinners to have gone apostate.

3-   The Murji’a believe that as long as person acknowledges and believes in Allah then there’s no need for actions.

4-   Ahlus Sunnah believes actions are necessary for faith and are a part of it.

Imam Al-Bukhari’s collection is considered the most authentic book of Hadith, so reading the various books from it serve as an educational reference for any Muslim. The explanations for these narrations are referenced with numbers for each point. I have taken Ash- Shaykh Abdul Aziz’s Ar-Rajhi’s explanation for each hadith and idea and numbered it from 1- 139 making easy for the reader to follow and refer back to anytime they want or need to.

I pray and ask Allah to accept this small service to the Ummah and to forgive me for my sins.

Abu Aaliyah Abdullah ibn Dwight Battle

Doha, Qatar 1437©

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Table of Contents

Chapter1:The Prophet(ﷺ)statement Islam is built on five. 1

Chapter2:What is said about deeds of Iman. 2

Chapter 3:A Muslim is the one who avoids harming Muslims. 3

Chapter4:Whose Islam is the best 4

Chapter 5: To feed people is a part of Islam.. 5

Chapter 6: To like for your brother… 6

Chapter 7: To love the Messenger(ﷺ) 7

Chapter 8:The Sweetness of faith. 9

Chapter 9: To love the Ansar 10

Chapter 10:Give me the pledge. 11

Chapter 11: To flee from Al-Fitan… 13

Chapter 12:The statement of the Prophet(ﷺ) 14

Chapter 13:Whoever hates to revert to Kufr… 16

Chapter 14:The grades of superiority… 17

Chapter 15: Al-Haya is a part of faith. 19

Chapter 16:The statement of Allah… 20

Chapter 17: Whoever says faith is action. 22

Chapter 18: If one does not embrace Islam truly. 24

Chapter 19:To Greet is a part of Islam.. 26

Chapter 20:To be Ungrateful to one’s Husband. 27

Chapter 21:Sins are from Ignorance. 28

Chapter 22:And if two parties or groups… 30

Chapter 23:Dhulm(wrong) of one kind… 32

Chapter 24:The Signs of a Hypocrite. 34

Chapter 25:To Establish the Nawafil… 36

Chapter 26:Al-Jihad…. 37

Chapter 27:It is a part of faith to establish the Nawafil… 38

Chapter 28:To Observe fasting… 39

Chapter 29:Religion is very easy… 40

Chapter 30:The offering of Salat… 41

Chapter 31:What’s said about a person… 43

Chapter 32:The most beloved deed… 44

Chapter 33:Faith increases and decreases. 45

Chapter 34:To pay Zakat is a part of Islam.. 47

Chapter 35:To accompany the funeral processions… 50

Chapter 36:What is said regarding the fear of a believer… 51

Chapter 37:The Asking of Jibril… 54

Chapter 38: The Prophet’s explanation of Faith. 56

Chapter 39:The Superiority of that person who leaves… 57

Chapter 40:To pay Al-Khumus… 58

Chapter 41:The Reward of deeds… 61

Chapter 42:The Religion is advice… 63

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