The Cult Fallacy: Deconstructing the Strategy

 and Propaganda of the Neo Salafy Cult Movement


بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

What makes a cult? In this book you will learn everything you need to know to identify if you, or a loved one are part of the Neo Salafy cult movement. The specifics of their manipulation, bullying and mind-control tactics are outlined. Along with this their propaganda, belief system, and various inconsistencies are highlighted. The Neo Salafy Cult has become drastically weakened due to their inability to reply to their errors, or just ignore them. Since their faults are vividly described in this book you will be armed with a better understanding of what orthodox Islam is versus a Cult.

The Cult Fallacy: Deconstructing the Strategy and Propaganda of the Neo Salafy Cult Movement is a collection of 4 essays which are detailed, supported by evidences and facts to tackle the cult’s movement. The case study began in 2010 and was concluded in 2018. Although the case was closed and many people left the movement, yet some still remained behind and others are joining being unaware of the real plot and the agenda of this group. Over a 30-year period this cult’s movement has destroyed communities, lives, and wrecked families. Attached to this group is an alarming rate of apostasy from Islam itself for some, while other people have gone to other extremes of joining other cults outside of Islam.

Since the awareness campaign began in 2014, there has been a large amount of people who are able to completely identify them as a cult. This happened after they became aware of and read the firm literature describing the characteristics of a cult. Hence, other works might have remained undisclosed to a few. For that reason, I decided to place everything in one book for a simple reference point. At the end of this book there are some of the countless testimonies I have collected over the years of some people who left the cult, and then went on to become better human beings in society and achieve higher levels education, and stability in their life. I ask Allah to save us, our spouses and our children from being misled by doubts and desires.

Abu Aaliyah Abdullah ibn Dwight Battle Shawwal 2nd , 1443

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