The Divine Wisdom of Adam being cast from Heaven

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Imam Ibn Qayyim Al-Jazwziyyah

There is an enormous amount of wisdom which is difficult for the intellect to grasp and for words to describe about Allah casting the father of mankind, Adam to the Earth.

  • Allah wanted Adam and his off-spring to taste their portion of this Worldly life. This includes stress, grief, and agony, which will eventually allow them to value the price of Jannah when they enter it. The opposite of a thing highlights the true worth of something. If the son of Adam was raised and nurtured in Paradise then he really wouldn’t be able to appreciate it.
  • Allah intended to instruct mankind with prohibitions and commands, testing their faith, and placing hardships in their path. Paradise isn’t a place where a person is religiously obliged to do acts or avoid prohibitions, thus He sent us to the Earth. It’s through these things that Allah gives the best of rewards.
  • Allah wanted to have prophets and messengers, saints and martyrs whom He’d love and they’d love him. Allah placed between those people enemies on Earth to confront them, and to check their faith. Therefore, when they strive against their foes with their lives, and their wealth in pursuit of Allah’s Pleasure they earn his Love and Pleasure; hence are drawn close to Him. There’s absolutely no way to earn Allah’s Pleasure without going through these struggles. That’s the cost of being a prophet, a messenger, and a martyr by loving for Allah, hating for His cause. Along with this having love for the righteous close to Allah and hatred for the enemies of Islam and this earns one the highest levels of Jannah.
  • Allah has the most beautiful names. Some of them are, The Oft-Forgiving, The Most Merciful, The Pardoner, The One who Humbles, The Exalter, The Giver of Disgrace. Also among His names are The One Gives life and Causes Death. It’s a must that the names are manifest by His divine wisdom of sending Adam and his children to Earth. While on earth meanings of Allah’s names are apparent. Allah forgives whom He wills, and shows mercy to whom He wants. In this life, it’s witnessed that Allah humbles those He wants and exalts others. He disgraces some and honors others. The Wisest gives things to some and holds back on others, and grants a vast amount of wealth to a few. Through these actions, one can realize Allah’s names and attributes.
  • Allah is the Absolute King of this universe, He sets the laws, rewards, and punishment. The King humiliates, honors, raises and disgraces people in accordance with his governance of this world.  Allah sent Adam and his off-spring to earth so that they could live under those laws, and then afterward send them to either their punishment or their reward.
  • The Wisest sent the human-being to this Earth where they must have faith in the unseen, which is beneficial for their Iman. As for Iman then everyone believes in the Day of Resurrection, and on that day faith will not serve a person who didn’t have it in this life. Conversely, if we had remained in Paradise then having faith in the unseen would be pointless.
  • When Allah created Adam He gathered dirt from all four corners of the Earth. This mixture contains good and bad, affluence and sadness, honor, and blame. Allah already knows who on the face of this earth is worthy of a residence in Paradise. Allah placed the people on the Earth to separate the good from the bad amongst Adam’s offspring. In the end, Allah will distinguish between the two types of people by placing them in either Heaven or Hell.
  • Allah wants to show us the things that are hidden from our sight in this life. By exposing His enemies who wage war against His message arrogantly.
  • Since Allah loves the patient, doers of good, those who strive for His cause, the repentant, the clean, and the thankful He shows it by bestowing honor on them. He placed Adam and his progeny on this planet, in order to earn the greatest of honors in the end. i.e Jannah.
  • Allah wanted to be an ally to Adam and his children by loving them and them loving him as well. However, Allah’s love for the son of Adam is complete which ends with them being showered with nobility and status. The only way this can be achieved is by earning Allah’s Pleasure and following His orders. Moreover, a person must avoid the evil whispers of his soul and vile desires.
  • Allah wants to teach his servants, whom He has bestowed His grace and bounty upon the true value of His love. This will make them loving, thankful, and allow them the enjoy the things Allah has given them.
  • When Allah created mankind He created them to worship Him. It’s known that in Jannah this objective can’t be reached by the Jinn or mankind, but rather ONLY in a place where trials and tests occur. In the everlasting abode, there aren’t any trials, tests, and hardships. Instead in Paradise, there is only rest and relaxation.
  • Allah created Adam and his off-springs to be vicegerents on Earth.

Taken from Miftah Daris Saa’adah / abridged version by Khalid Al-Kharaz vol 2/pg 1108-1112

Translated by Abu Aaliyah Abdullah ibn Dwight Battle

Doha, Qatar 1441©

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